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Redeem your e Voucher Singapore from one of our partners or a Gift Voucher that is given by your loved one here with us. You can also purchase a Gift Voucher here. Do spend a couple of minutes going through the redemption writeup below and the frequently asked questions before redeeming.

Gift Voucher Singapore

e Voucher Singapore Redemption

Received a photoshoot birthday treat from our valued partners, participated in a contest, attended an event or just by being a member of a great brand? You have come to the right place, regardless of a physical voucher or an e Voucher Singapore photoshoot, Firefly has a fuss-free redemption system that will make your journey to immortalise glowing moments with your loved ones seamless.

Do spend a couple of minutes going through this page, especially the frequently asked questions, have a look at the redemption process and steps to avoid any confusion and surprises so you can just focus on having those glowing moments with your loved ones and have them immortalised! When you are ready, head to the bottom of the page to redeem!

e Voucher Singapore

Step 1

Go through this page especially the FAQ, launch redemption and complete the form.

Step 2

Receive an email with a digital calendar link almost immediately, have enquiries answered.

Step 3

Select your preferred date and timing, consider top-up options and receive a confirmation email.

Step 4

Read tips on how to prepare, go for your photoshoot, decide on top-up options and make payment.

Step 5

We will edit your photos with care and upload them to the secure cloud, receive a download link via email.

Firefly Gift Voucher Singapore

Some gifts are big, others are small, but the ones that come from the heart is the best gift of all. Gifting someone with a gift of moments of smiles with their loved ones, have them immortalised in the process, in our opinion is the best gift of all. Have a look at our Glow Photography Packages, gift them to a special someone with a short message and watch as they build bonds and have glowing moments immortalised. After you have decided on a package, reach out to us via the “Buy A Gift Voucher!” button and we will assist you.

Step 1

View our Glow Packages, once decided complete “Buy A Gift Voucher!” Form.

Step 2

Once you complete the form, you will receive an email and we will followup with you.

Step 3

Reply the email with a message to the recipient with a maximum of 20 words.

Step 4

A purchase link will be provided, complete purchase and receive Gift Voucher.

Step 5

There will be an email button on your gift voucher that you can send to the recipient.

Top-Up Options

Here are the available top-up options for your e Voucher package. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Studio Photo Package (If your voucher is a studio voucher.)

Top Up at $148 – Inclusive of ALL PHOTOS captured during the duration of the photoshoot, for studio photoshoot estimated 80 unedited photographs in high-resolution JPEG format, additionally best 40 photos Edited.

Firefly hosted secure download link to download your photos in high resolution is included in this package. This is an extremely limited time popular studio package!

Corporate Photoshoot Headshot Package (If your voucher is a corporate photoshoot headshot package)

Package Includes,

  • 15 Minutes Photoshoot
  • Free size Jackets/Blazers Available (Advise to bring own)
  • 1 X Selected Edited Professional Half-Body Front Facing Photo
  • Professional Studio with Photographer and Equipment
  • Photo in High-Resolution via Download link within 2 Weeks
  • Top-Up Options Available


  • This voucher does not include compulsory $20 Charges for image hosting and administrative fee
  • At Firefly Photo Studio Only
  • Valid for 1-time use only
  • Not valid for other promotions, discounts, offers and privileges
  • Verification of company is required (Pass, company email)
  • Firefly Photography Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice
  • Weekdays only

Top-up Options

  1. Convert to Weekend at $30
  2. Corporate Top-up Package A at $70
  • 3 Edited Photos
  • All Photos returned (Unedited)
  • 1 Week lead-time
  • All in high-resolution via a download link
  1. Top-up Package B All edited at $150 (min 10 photos)
  2. Additional Pax ($30/pax – 1 Edited Half-Body Front Facing Photo)

Firefly hosted secure download link to download your photos in high resolution is included in this package.

Convert Your Weekday Studio Photoshoot to A Weekend Studio Photoshoot instead at a total nett fee of $40.

Upon redeeming the voucher, just let us know and we will furnish you with the studio photoshoot digital calendar, pay only after you have secured your preferred date and time.

Express Option Top Up at $80.

Extra manpower will be allocated to process your photos, a secure download link to reach you via email within 7 working days instead of the usual 6 or 8 weeks.

Additional Pax Top Up at $20 Per Pax to increase the total number of people attending the photo session with you over the voucher limit.

This can be decided at a later stage but do inform us 1 week before the actual photoshoot date so we can prepare the necessary equipment required for larger groups.

For Corporate Headshot Photoshoot

Additional Pax at $30/Pax, Each pax will receive 1 selected and edited Half-Body Front Facing Photo.

Customized Glow388 Photography Package or Glow368 Birthday Event Photography Package.

A special promotion to use your voucher as a $20 cash discount voucher off either choice of already discounted mentioned packages! The packages are customized photography session to your own desired date, time and location such as your home or have your private event documented with UNLIMITED shots.

For more detailed package information visit our promotion packages page.

We can accept Paynow, Paylah, GooglePay, Grabpay, iBanking and Paypal.

A receipt or invoice will be rendered before you make payment.

If you are a corporate client or Government, we are registered in the appropriate portals such as to render invoices.

Although we have transitioned to fully cashless payment, should you still want to make payment in cash and cheque, let us know, we can make the arrangement.

Most of the time, we do not require you to place a deposit or make payment upfront, payment can be made on the day of your photoshoot for the Glow Packages, unlike other photo studios.

However, certain cases, such as conversion from outdoor to studio photoshoot will require the conversion fee to be made after you secure your date and timing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions that we have garnered over the years, do feel free to reach out should you have other queries.

After you complete the redemption form below, you will receive a digital calendar link via email almost immediately.

The system automatically detects valid redemptions and ensure booking of slots is fair.

However, do note that booking is in real-time, so book and secure your slots early!

Please do reach out to us if you do not receive the email within 24 hours and we will assist you.

Please also look out for email typos when completing the form and your junk mail or spam mail folder.

The easiest and fastest way to redeem your voucher is via the launch redemption button at the bottom of this page. A valid email address, contact number and voucher should suffice.

Should you wish to redeem otherways, you can reach out to us via email or message us via our Facebook page.

All our photographers used professional photo editing software and are trained to provide a similar form of editing which includes the following basic retouching to touch and lean on the natural aspect of the photos;

  • Color correction and enhancement
  • Lighting and Exposure correction
  • Shadow correction
  • Improvement of colors of the photos
  • Improvement of the resolution of the photos
  • Black and white filters

It is important to know that we do not provide detailed photo-shop retouch in our package as such;

  • Digital cosmetic retouch
  • Liquifying, slimming of arms etc
  • Eye bag removal, skin smoothing
  • Cloning away hands and legs in photos

We retain the most natural aspect of the photos to what you see on our portfolio gallery and Facebook page, to enhance the photos to make them more vibrant, happy and glow! Look and move the handle of the before and after image below.

Hort ParkHort Park Singapore

This applies to Outdoor and Studio Photoshoot only and does not apply to Corporate Photoshoot.

The 5 edited photos are selected by the photographer(s) with the help of our in-house personnel professionally with care. One of the main advantages that we are able to provide our sample complimentary photo shoots and still able to pull down our prices to be affordable to everyone is that we are trained to select and edit photos at our own end, therefore we are able to allocate many clients per day and also reducing the cost of our back end operations as well as the overall cost of our packages and top-up packages.

Customer satisfaction comes first for us, we will never deliberately pick unusable photos or provide the photos in low-resolution just because you did not top-up for the packages, this will directly affect our reputation as well. We also have our affordable top-up packages that include all photos return.

We prioritize photos that everyone in the photo is looking at, candid moments that are hard to come by or reproduce, full family photos and individual photos of your children.

If you have topped up or purchase a full package, at every series of a shoot, we will pick the best ones out of these series of shots to be edited, photos that are already properly exposed with good lighting, we will then pick out the ones that is shot under shady areas to be edited and corrected, therefore you will be able to have more nice glowing photos!

This applies to Corporate Photoshoot only and does not apply to Outdoor and Studio Photoshoot.

The Edited Photo is a 1 X Half-Body Front Facing Photo, it can be in either portrait or landscape depending on your preferences, if no preferences are given, our photographer will capture it based on his or her best judgement.

Here is an example of a selected photo.

Corporate Headshot Singapore

The RAW files that you are getting back for topping up the package or a purchased full package are unedited JPEGs from the camera, all photos captured are shot in high-resolution.

This way, you are still able to use your own photo editing applications on your photos.

Yes, we do filter and delete photos that are deemed unusable such as a motion blur. Note that the RAW files do not mean CR2 or NEF as the file size is too large and you need expensive photo software plugins to open those files.

Photos that require RAW files in editing are usually commercial projects that required a very in-depth form of photo correction and enhancement. We seek your kind understanding on this matter.

We store your photos only in renowned secured cloud services. We use Dropbox for Business and Synology to store and archive your photos.

When your photos are ready, we will use Dropbox Transfer to deliver your photos via email. Occasionally we will use professional file transfer service such as Wetransfer.

Help is always ready, should you have any issues with downloading your high-resolution soft copies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All our photographers are well trained and hired through strict criteria.

They go through rigorous training by our seniors and are passionate about their work. They are trained in the fundamentals of family photography, customer service and further specialized in their various fields such as wedding or event photography after months or years of experience.

They are a diverse collective of trained professional photographers from various backgrounds and disciplines, young energetic and very passionate about photography, they are students, working adults as well as full-time photographers.

Some of us have children ourselves, we understand unforeseen circumstances such as accommodating family member’s schedule, children falling sick and other unexpected situations. If you require us to extend the voucher validity, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We only use professional camera equipment such as DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras with professional lenses that can produce high quality and high-resolution photos.

We do not restrict the camera and lens brands that our photographers use, however they have to pass a minimal specification in order to be assigned to a customer.

We are constantly improving on our services and regularly learning from each other in terms of photography skills as well as customer service. Our policies such as the 5 edited photos selected by the photographer are there for a reason, to better serve more customers and our photographers can select the photos with care without additional stress.

Please refrain from getting our photographer’s private email and contact number, stressing them to deliver the photos faster or offering additional monetary gains to select photos. Our vouchers have fine print and we hope that you have read them before redeeming the voucher to avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements.

It will be unfair to other customers also if we offer you a different package or expedite the photos to you on the spot without purchasing an express package, we seek your kind understanding on that matter.

We are grateful that you gave us an opportunity to serve you and we promise to deliver our very best, you as our customers always come first, have a jolly good time with us and make your moments glow!

Outdoor photography files are delivered within the range of 4 to 6 weeks and studio photography files are delivered within the range of 6 to 8 weeks with the exception of express top-up.

The lead time is rather long in order to regulate and ensure there will not be a shortcut in managing the processing of your photos with care and to better serve you. Express editing package is there for customers that require the photos urgently in due time, the photographer will overtime or additional manpower will be allocated to process your photos with care.

To check the status of your photos, please email or call us with the following;

  • Name of the person who booked the session
  • Mobile number
  • Email used to book the session
  • Date of your photoshoot
  • Studio or outdoor photoshoot
  • Photographer’s name (found on the invoice)

Our Partner Brands

Firefly Photography appreciates the faith and confidence of every individual and entity that has extended to us and is doing our very best. Here are some of our esteemed partners that made your photoshoot happen. Find out more about our partnerships via the button below.

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Our Voucher And Partnership Philosophy

We are grateful that so many individual and great brands trust us, so much so that we do not want to disappoint anyone. Getting a complimentary photoshoot does not mean you will receive sub-par treatment. Our mission is to spread building bonds, glowing moments to as many families as possible, everyone who has somehow been on this journey with us deserves the very best, and that is the Firefly promise.