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View Our Photographer Portfolio Singapore below or more on our respective social media platforms. If you are happy with our work, take a look at our packages by our Professional Photographer In Singapore.

Professional Photographer In Singapore
Professional Photographer Singapore

Studio Photography Portfolio

Professional Photographer In Singapore

One of the most important assets of any professional creatives especially a photographer is his or her portfolio. Firefly Photography’s Facebook page is our core outlet for our studio’s content, latest news, information, contests, messaging, queries platform and houses our Studio Photoshoot’s works of our Photographer Portfolio Singapore. We have an in-house social media manager to update our portfolio for Studio Photography on Facebook, up to 4 times a week. Check out our Facebook Page and like our page for more updates!

Outdoor Photography Portfolio

Photographer Portfolio Singapore

Instagram houses mostly Outdoor Photoshoot portfolio assets of our Professional Photographer In Singapore. We also collaborate often with our partner brands on contests and giveaways often on the platform.  We have an in-house social media manager to update our portfolio for Outdoor Photography on Instagram, up to 4 times a week. Check out our Instagram Feed and follow our profile for more updates!

Photographer Portfolio Singapore
Graduation Photoshoot Singapore

Graduation Photoshoot

You can scroll below to look at some of our graduation photoshoot for both outdoor and studio. To look a little more in-depth if you are specifically looking for a graduation photoshoot portfolio, you can hit the button below, find out more about the package and view a series of our graduation photoshoot work.

Other Portfolio And Platforms

We are on other social platforms such as Linkedin and Youtube. Linkedin houses our professional corporate portraiture portfolio assets, we also occasionally upload corporate and award videos to the platform. Youtube houses most of our video portfolio assets, we also create and capture video stories of our own and upload them to our Youtube platform, click on the social icon at the top or bottom of this page, do support, subscribe and follow us!

Do also visit our corporate photoshoot page to find out more and view corporate portfolios, Video Production Singapore Page for Video portfolios, 360 Virtual Tour Singapore Page for Virtual Tours.

Photographer Portfolio Singapore Gallery

And finally, our gallery of beautiful friends, families and loved ones who we had the privilege of capturing those glowing moments. Our showcase below of portfolio by our Professional Photographer In Singapore is divided into Outdoor Photography then Studio Photography in chronological order. If you can’t find the kind of portfolio you need, chances are they are stored in our secure server, do reach out to us!

Outdoor Photography

Here, our Outdoor Photography portfolio consists of photos of packages from Glow120 Weekend Outdoor Photography and Glow268 Customised Photography. These photos are captured at various different locations in Singapore, most of them at our local parks like MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Fort Canning Park, Hort Park, Singapore Botanical Gardens and more! Do reach out to us should you need suggestions.

Studio Photography

Here, our Studio Photography portfolio consists of photos of packages from Glow150 and Glow260 Studio Photography. These photos are captured right at Firefly Photo Studio. We have various coloured backdrops and a rack of fun plushies you can use for super fun shots during your photoshoot. Our photographer might not know if you have a preferred colour other than white, so do let the photographer know when you want to change to a certain colour or use even use certain props like curry puff set and we are happy to advise!