6 Ways To Getting Ready For Your Corporate Headshot

So you have booked a professional corporate photoshoot with us. Maybe you want to have a Corporate Headshot or a company group shot as a whole. However, you might lack the knowledge on how to prepare for these types of shoots. Corporate photos are crucial in portraying a good image of your personal brand and your company so you want to do your best in looking as confident and professional as you can. We hope that this blog will give you some tips and tricks on how to prep yourself before coming for a shoot.

Corporate Headshot in Singapore
Corporate Headshot Singapore

1. Know Your Brand

When you plan for a corporate photoshoot for your brand or just a Corporate Headshot, keep in mind that this is also connected to your personal branding. Ask yourself – How do you want to come across to people? You may attempt a more serious and stern look or you might want to show off a more playful side, depending on how you choose to brand yourself. It is important to have a sense of how you want to portray yourself in your pictures. Without preparation, there is no guarantee you will get the photos you actually wanted.

An easy way to figure how you want to present yourself in these photos is through your vision or mission statement. If you still are unsure, you can always gather a few example shots from Google or Pinterest and then ask our photographer to recreate it as closely as we can.

Professional Headshot in Singapore
Professional Corporate Photography Singapore

2. Practicing Your Poses.

Although it might be awkward at first, practising how you want to pose in a mirror would help save a lot of time when you are actually at the photo studio for your corporate photoshoot. This is because since you already know your angles best, and knowing where your best side and pose is beforehand would definitely save up a lot of time. It is great preparation, be it casual or more formal poses. For instance, if you have one eye that is visibly smaller than the other, bring the side of your face with the smaller eye towards the camera. It will help reduce the difference between the two.

Body language definitely plays a major key in looking confident. Make an effort to keep your back straight and chest out at all times. With that being said, try to be as natural with your body language, once you overdo it, you might come off as very stiff and unnatural. Position your body to face slightly towards the main light, whilst your head turn to face the camera. If you still are unsure of what to do, do not worry as our photographers will definitely guide you along the way.

Professional Corporate Headshot Singapore
Corporate Photography Singapore

3. Find Your Best Smile.

Despite the fact that poses are important, finding and practising your smile and is just as important. As much as you want to come off as professional, there is no harm in showing that you are also friendly and approachable through your smile. For corporate headshot, smiling with or without your teeth works, so smile in whichever way feels most comfortable to you. Usually, people can tell from a fake smile to a real smile through your eyes. Squinting your eyes just a little when you smile will make you seem more genuine and natural.

If it is hard for you to smile at the camera, imagine getting your million bucks bonus or try and make conversation with your designated photographer! We will do our best to make the environment as comfortable for you as possible.

4. Check Your Grooming.

Business portraits or Corporate Headshot usually have a very clean and neat look to them, which is why grooming is the utmost priority when it comes to corporate photoshoots. You do not want photos of your hair covering your face, or your clothes looking wrinkled. It gives off a very untidy and unprofessional look which we try to prevent at all costs.

The most important points you have to take note of are your hair, makeup, and clothing. Wrinkles on clothes are difficult to photoshop out so make sure to iron and press your clothes. To add, flyaway hairs and uneven makeup are definitely annoying to deal with during corporate shoots. If you are not certain on how to deal with it, you can always consider top-up for a makeup stylist to take care of your grooming before the actual shoot. It will save you more money and faster image delivery as compared to heavy photoshop services.

It applies to both indoor and outdoor corporate photography, you can find out more at our Corporate Photoshoot Singapore page.

Corporate Headshot Singapore-3

5. Choosing The Right Clothes.

Your clothing can often determine your style, as well as be one of the physical representations of what you want to be known as. Usually, for corporate photoshoots, we would recommend choosing more muted and solid colours. For instance, wearing a cream shirt/blouse under a navy blue suit would definitely work well and show your professionalism. Try to avoid suits or shirts with patterns or stripes, even subtle pattern designs as they might cause image distortion, or otherwise known as moire, we should try to avoid that as much as possible. Also, remember to wear clothing that actually is fitting to your body, not too tight nor loose because it will look very improper.

When taking photos as a whole, do also remember to coordinate with your other colleagues on how and what they should wear so as to not clash with them. If you are in a different coloured shirt than everyone else, you might stick out like a sore thumb. Take into account that you can always change your clothing between individual photos and group sessions.

Corporate Portraiture Singapore
Corporate Headshot Singapore-6

6. Accessories That Boosts Confidence.

Do you feel like your outfit seems a little too plain and basic? An easy fix would be to add small elements of pop and colour. Try standing out from the rest by wearing little accessories here and there. Accessories will help show off your individual personalities, especially when taking a group corporate shot with your co-workers. Wearing simple earrings and necklaces will allow your facial features to shine and keep the focus on your face.

In addition, try not to wear jewellery that is too striking. Remember that accessories are supposed to enhance your outfit and not take away the attention from it or your face. The same goes for men, wearing a gaudy watch or a flashy tie may not be the suitable choice for a professional corporate photoshoot. Sometimes, simplicity is the best.

We also recommend wearing clear contacts for those who wear glasses as the shine from our studio lights might reflect on your lenses. Alternatively, avoid wearing spectacles with concave lenses or computer lens coating so that it is easier for us to find an angle that would not make the reflection that obvious post-production.

Corporate Headshot Singapore-5
Corporate Shoot Accessories

We hope that these pointers have helped guide you on what to do and what to wear on the day of your corporate photoshoot or corporate headshot. As much as you want to come off as professional, all you really need is an open-minded and relaxed attitude throughout your shoot and your photos will definitely turn out really well! Please do not hesitate to just ask our photographers for any assistance if needed. We just hope you will feel contented and thrilled when you receive your photos. If you are more interested in taking more casual photos with your friends and family, head over to our Family Photoshoot Singapore page to find out more.

Corporate Group Photography Singapore
Corporate Headshot Singapore-2

7. Summary For Corporate Headshot


  • Know your brand
  • Practice your poses
  • Find references for poses
  • Find your best angles/side
  • Practice smiling
  • Check your hair and makeup
  • Iron and press your clothes
  • Wear solid and muted colours
  • Wear fitting clothing
  • Coordinate with colleagues
  • Wear simple accessories
  • Try wearing contacts


  • Come unprepared
  • Be stiff with your poses
  • Be too serious
  • Wear very vibrant colours
  • Wear patterned clothing
  • Try to outshine colleagues
  • Wear distracting accessories
  • Wear spectacles with concave and or PC lenses
  • Wear frameless glasses
  • Be afraid to ask for help

Don’t leave yet! We have a bonus infographic that will definitely help you to prepare, save the infographic and we hope to see you in our studio!

Professional Corporate Headshot in Singapore