7 Simple Ways To Prepare For Studio Photography

Don’t know how to get ready beforehand for Studio Photography in Singapore with your friends and family? There are times when going for a studio photoshoot will feel very overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Nevertheless, if you do come prepared, the end product will definitely be worth it. You can look back at these images and reminisce the memories with your loved ones.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you with all the inquiries you might have for us in advance. Hope you enjoy reading!

1. Arrive Slightly Earlier For Studio Photography!

Get your loved ones involved for the studio photoshoot to come at least 5-10 minutes before the actual shoot time to loosen up and touch up before the shoot. Arriving later than expected might make the photoshoot feel rushed. We know how long it takes to get ready, especially with bigger families so just do your best to come early! We feel you, we know how tough it is to coordinate, press on, it’s worth it!

Coming early for the photoshoot also gives you time to get used to our photo studio which is especially important for kids as they take a little longer to adjust to a new environment. Letting them feel at home is definitely a huge component when you want to get your children to compromise and pose with you!

Studio Family Photo Shoot Singapore

2. Choose A Good Clothing Colour!

Clothing is probably one of the major keys when it comes to having a studio photoshoot. When it comes to choosing the right clothes, it’s best to pick colours that coordinate or complement each other for your photoshoot with the combination of wearing matching outfits for the whole family. It is a cute idea to have matching clothings, it’s also a good ideal to have different colour complements for your set of clothing.

If you can, go for vibrant and solid colours like yellow or go for a mute pastel look. Avoid dull colours like grey as you want your pictures to seem lively. In addition, be careful not to choose striped or checkered clothing because the lines might not be visible in the photos. Trust us, your pictures can turn out super lively and fun without all the loud patterns on your clothes. These are some of the colour palettes we would recommend you to wear:

Clothing Colour Studio Photography Singapore

These are some example of clothing that you could wear when booking for one of our Studio Photography Packages:

Studio Photography Singapore
Studio Photography Singapore Clothing

3. Check Your Grooming!

Before going for the Photoshoot, remember to check if your clothes are ironed or if they are stained. Grooming is important for studio photography because the lighting is fixed so almost everything on the photos is going to be highlighted. You do not want to look unkempt in the pictures with wrinkly and dirty clothing. Make sure to take note of your hair, makeup, and face too! Bring along necessities such as makeup just in case you need to touch up your face halfway throughout the shoot.

Discover the ideal attire for your outdoor photography and prepare yourself for the perfect shot!

For kids, we know how easily excited and hyperactive they get. Giving them low-maintenance clothing and doing up their hair would do you a huge favour when taking family photography. If you are really afraid if things go south, do not worry! Firefly Photography offers makeup and hairstyling top-up options for you in case you need it.

Studio Photography Singapore
Children Photoshoot Singapore

4. Accessorise!

Adding accessories to your overall look might give your picture a different element and add visual interest to yourphotoshoot. This will help show off your individual personalities, especially when taking pictures with friends and family. Accessories such as headbands, earrings, belts, ribbons; so long as you think it will help boost your confidence and look fabulous! If you do not want to bring accessories, that’s more than fine! You can always make your photos more fun with props.

But be careful not to go overboard. Heavily noticeable accessories can be a major distraction and take the focus away from you in the photo. Simple and minimal always works best so choose something that is easy on the eyes. This are some of the basic accessories we chose as examples:

Studio Photography Accessories

5. Plan Your Poses!

Posing might feel very foreign if this is new to you. If you want to have a plan before coming to the studio, Pinterest is your best friend for finding references. Just search ‘family studio photography poses’ and let your creative juices flow! You can always save the photos and let our photographers know you want to have these poses done.

If you are still stuck on how to pose, you can always leave it to the photographers to help guide you. We are always ready to help you out ahead of time. Sometimes posing can feel awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, the end result will definitely be worth it! You can get simple inspiration for poses from the lovely family below:

Studio Photography Singapore
Studio Photography Singapore

6. Feel comfortable, Yet Confident!

Who says you cannot look good while feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing! Being comfortable is important, especially for a family photoshoot as you want your photos to look as genuine as possible. If you were to do an outdoor photography photoshoot, it might be more inconvenient to change but for studio photoshoots, we recommend bringing at least another set of clothes to change in! Wearing clothes that are comfortable will help you ease into the shoot without worrying about your heels hurting while in high heels.

If you feel more relaxed when wearing your casual clothes, just wear them! You do not always have to turn up in formal wear! It is always good to have a change of clothes such as both formal and casual. Having said that, you can take a few shots in your formal wear and then change back so as to let you be more at ease when it comes to posing. Choosing clothing that gives you freedom of movement and fewer restrictions allows you to do more cute poses with your family members! Do not forget, it all comes down to having fun.

Studio Photography Singapore

7. No props? No worries!

Do not be too concerned about bringing props to your Photoshoot. Unlike outdoor photography photoshoot, we have many props at our photo studio. From items for festive occasions such as Chinese New Year to humorous props like fake guns, stuffed toys, huge glasses, especially the ones from Nom Nom Plush, our prop partner, request for those curry puffs! Props help give better support and add meaning to the main subject in a photo, creating a story.

We also have multiple-coloured backdrops at our studio that we provide for you! Tired of the background is just white? We have so many other colours to choose from such as blue, black, pink etc. Do not be afraid to experiment with different backdrops, you can choose the backdrop depending on the mood. For instance, if your outfit is yellow, a white or black backdrop would definitely compliment your clothing. If you think you want to use a different backdrop, you can always request from your photographer.

Studio Photography Props


Main Do’s

  • Arrive early or come on time

  • Wear complementary colours

  • Wear simple accessories

  • Check your grooming

  • Find reference for your poses

  • Bring extra sets of clothing

  • Request photographer for different backdrop

  • Use props!

  • Most importantly, Be Confident!

Main Don’ts

  • Arriving very late

  • Wear striped or checkered or loud prints

  • Wear heavy accessories

  • Bring only one set of clothes

Studio Photography Singapore

We hope that these tips could help you with what to do and what to wear on the day of your upcoming family shoot. Ultimately, it is important to just relax and make your Studio Photography a memorable one. We just hope you will feel contented and thrilled upon receiving your photos. 

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This article is written by Sarafina and co-edited with Benny.