7 Ways to Prepare for Maternity Photography

Congratulations on your little one! As you prepare for your baby to enter this world and join your family, you probably must have a million things on your mind. Having a professional photographer to for your maternity photoshoot might seem like an additional task, but it can be a great reminder of your inner strength and beauty of your pregnancy. Immortalise this journey as you create lasting memories, commemorating one of the most significant chapters in your life.

If you have never had a maternity shoot before, you may not know what to expect when you reach the photo studio or the designated outdoor location. Hopefully, this guide we have put together will help you with some things you need to take note of in order to make the most out of your session and get beautiful photos of your pregnant self.

1. Book your session early!

Your baby bump will definitely show and look amazing by the time you go for the actual maternity shoot, which probably would be around 29-34 weeks of your pregnancy journey. Booking at a later date is still possible, although it might be tiring when it comes to posing or standing for a longer period of time. Timing is crucial. Therefore, we advise you to book early, at least 1-2 months in advance, to secure your slot.

Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

2. Choose complementary colours and comfortable clothing!

When it comes to choosing colours, we definitely recommend wearing white as it contrasts well with our signature black backdrop, should you be going for a photoshoot in a photo studio. If you wish to wear other colours, try and pick some happy and pure colours! It really depends on what type of look you are going for. Try your best not to wear patterned or dull-coloured clothing. Do check our studio photography blog post to learn how to further prepare for studio photography.

If you can, go for vibrant and solid colours like yellow or go for a mute pastel look. Avoid dull colours like grey, as you want your pictures to seem lively. In addition, be careful not to choose striped or chequered clothing because the lines might not be visible in the photos. Trust us; your pictures can turn out super lively and fun without all the loud patterns on your clothes. These are some of the colour palettes we would recommend you to wear:

Pregnancy Studio Singapore

Dressing in comfort and style is the utmost priority. Try your best to wear clothing that will naturally show off your bump and is not too tight-fitting, as it will be hard for you to move around. We want to make your maternity shoot in this sunny island to be as relaxing as possible for you soon-to-be mothers, so do pick your choice of clothing wisely! Wearing maxi or midi dresses is recommended as they shape your baby bump well. These are some clothing pieces we would suggest wearing:

Singapore Maternity Photoshoot
Maternity Photoshoot In Singapore

3. Consider engaging a makeup artist

This is especially for the ladies with a million errands to run. Having your own hair and makeup done will feel like another chore to do, so consider getting it done professionally. This is also a way to pamper yourself, so you do not have to stress over one more thing. Before getting yourself prepared, make sure you know what look you want to go for. The same goes for clothing. For instance, if you want an elegant look, maybe ask for dramatic curls and bold makeup.

If you are not sure where to get yourself ready, we offer hairstyling and makeup top-up options when booking a session with us, so not to worry! Check out our Family Photoshoot Singapore Packages page.

Do also check out our outdoor photography blog post on how to prepare better for an outdoor photography photoshoot.

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4. Include your other half and kids!

Getting your family to join you during your maternity shoot will surely make your session more memorable and comfortable – having your husband and kids will make for fun and cute photos. Although they say the more the merrier, getting too many people to come might be distracting for you and make you visibly uncomfortable when taking photos, so just bear that in mind if you want others to tag along!

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Pregnancy Photo Studio Singapore
Singapore Maternity Photo Shoot

5. Find inspiration for poses!

Do some of your own research for maternity poses beforehand when it comes to finding references and preferences. Pinterest will for sure be the best tool to help you.

Here are some keywords to help you:

  • Korean Maternity Photography
  • Maternity Studio Photography
  • Maternity Photography

If you find anything you like and might want to try, make a board and pin those images! You can show the photos you wish to recreate to the photographer. We will do our best, but there are no guarantees that it will turn out exactly the same.

If you are still stuck on how to pose, our photographers will help guide you. We are always ready to help you out ahead of time. Posing can feel very foreign at first, but after a while, when you get used to it, the end result will definitely look fantastic! The following is an infographic guide we made just for you!

SG Maternity Photoshoot

6. Bring something special and meaningful!

Any special mementoes you want to include in your maternity photos will definitely make it more special. You might consider bringing your ultrasound scans, baby clothes, name board, and more. These props may seem like small and minor details, but when you look back at them, they can add a meaningful and personal touch to your images. If you need ideas for what you can bring, here are some examples for you:

Maternity Studio Singapore
Maternity Photo Shoot Singapore

If you do not have any props with you, do not worry! Our studio provides an endless number of props, so feel free to use them! We also have maternity-related props, such as our veil, which you can wear to make you look more elegant in your photos.

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Studio Photography in Singapore Summary

Main Do’s

  • Book Session Early

  • Book before 36 Weeks (advisable)

  • Take good care of yourself and relax

  • Check your grooming

  • Get your family members to join you

  • Wear happy and pure solid colours

  • Bring your own baby props

Main Don’ts

  • Book your session at the very last minute

  • Overexert yourself during the photoshoot

  • Get too many people to join your photoshoot

  • Wear dull-coloured, patterned or striped outfits

Pregnancy Studio SG

We know it is easier said than done, especially since you are carrying a human being in your body, but do your best to keep yourself relaxed and feel at ease throughout your session. Our photographers will help you with every pose and position. All you need to do is be your genuine and amazing self! If you ever feel distraught, do not be afraid to let us know! Remember that we put your comfort first. So just be focused on having fun, feeling confident and enjoying yourself during your session with us!

We hope that the points above will come in handy so you know how to get ready beforehand for your maternity shoot. Essentially, our main priority is for you guys to enjoy yourselves and are satisfied with the overall results. We hope your pregnancy goes smoothly, and we wish the best for you and your baby-to-be. If you are interested in knowing what to prepare for our more family-friendly studio shoots, head over to our Studio Photography blog post and have a good read! If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your other family, friends and colleagues that are expecting!

This article is written by Sarafina and co-edited with Benny.