6 Ways On How To Dress For Outdoor Photography

You have decided to have an outdoor photography session with your family, friends, or your significant other! But are you having trouble deciding on what to wear out for your outdoor photoshoot? Do not worry, most of us have no idea what to prepare if we are going to have outdoor photography session taken too especially if it’s our first time. Fortunately, we have gathered enough information to help you look good and feel good. This article will touch on many topics, from the types of clothes to the props you can bring along for your shoot.

Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will be able to dress to impress for outdoor photography!

1. No Overdressing!

If you were to wear clothing that has many patterns such as lines and checkered or is too flashy, you might attract attention to the clothing instead of yourself. Remember, the main focus of the outdoor photography session should be you and/or your family – not the design of your clothing. Instead, try wearing plain and simple clothes. You can look at the references below at Point 4.

This is specifically important for children. Although it is often inevitable that sometimes their clothes are a bit too small, or a bit too big. However, for photoshoots, Choose clothes that fit well now, rather than having room to grow. Clothes that might seem huge on kids can tend to drown them in photographs. Clothes that fit will give a much sharper and proper image.

Outdoor Photography Singapore

2. Check your grooming!

Before going to the outdoor location of the photography session, remember to check your clothes have been ironed before stepping out of the house. You do not want to have stains or wrinkles on your clothing when you have your photos taken. Do also take note of your hair, makeup, and your teeth, avoid coffee and too much lipstick!

If you have kids, it is best to keep them prim and proper beforehand especially since most of them are active and like to run around. Tying their hair up or just giving them simple, comfortable outfits would do you a huge favour when you go for your outdoor photography. If you really need it, Firefly Photography offers makeup and hairstyling top-up options for you should you require.

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3. Accessorise your outdoor photography session!

Adding accessories to your overall look might give your picture a different element and add visual interest to your photos. This will help show off your individual personalities, especially when taking pictures with friends and family. Accessories such as headbands, earrings, belts, ribbons; so long as you think it will help boost your confidence and look fabulous!

But be careful not to go overboard. Heavily noticeable accessories can be a major distraction and take the focus away from you in the photo. Simple and minimal always works best so choose something that is easy on the eyes.

These are the examples of simple accessories and colours for your reference:

Accessories for outdoor photography
Outdoor Photography Singapore

4. Colour and Clothing Coordinate!

Matching T-shirts for your outdoor photography session can be fun but sometimes it may seem too common. Instead of everyone wearing a replica of each other, maybe its best to choose a colour and co-ordinate from there. Always choose colours or styles of clothing that compliments your family. Pastels are also usually appealing for outdoor photography because they enhance natural skin tones. But be careful not to wear green as the locations our Outdoor Photography Packages have to offer are parks, and you do not want to blend in with the surroundings.

Some colours such as warm pink, yellow or sky blue would go well with natural elements. If you are afraid to play with colours, you can never go wrong with wearing white. These are the colour palettes we recommend:

colour palette for outdoor photography singapore


We do NOT recommend wearing neon colours as it does not photograph well at all. You will have to deal with the outrageous colour contrast on your skin. Try to avoid unflattering colours at all costs.

These are also examples of clothing we might suggest you to wear to your outdoor photography session:

Clothing Outdoor Photography Singapore

5. Dress comfortably!

Although you may be dressed sharply, you may feel very uncomfortable throughout the outdoor photography session especially if it’s outdoors and the sun in Singapore is scorching hot. Remember that you can always look well-dressed and comfortable at the same time. You do not want to constantly adjust the tight jacket you are wearing or the shorts that keeps riding up your leg. It’s important to place comfort as your main priority.

Singapore’s weather seems to discourage outerwear, there is no harm in wearing it in your photos for a few minutes. If you want to wear extra layers, you can always add or shed layers of your clothing throughout the shoot to get a different look for each photo, and remember, thin layers!

6. Bring items or props!

Just like accessories, props will help enhance your pictures. In Singapore, since the weather is humid or windy, it makes more sense for the items to give off a warm and light feeling. Items such as balloons or a bright umbrella are recommended. For kids, maybe items such as toys, and bubbles would keep them busy and our photographers would be able to get cute candid shots. This will help your outdoor photography session reach their glowing moments to the fullest.

Too troublesome to bring items, do not fret. You can always make use of your surroundings. Outdoor photography sessions give you the advantage of making nature as props. For example, you can use leaves and throw them in the air. When in doubt, our photographers can always guide you on how to pose and utilise your environment.

These are examples of props you could bring for your Outdoor Photography:

Props Outdoor Photography Singapore


Main Do’s

  • Stick to 2-3 complementary colours

  • Neutral and simple colours are always a go-to

  • Wear appropriate but comfortable clothing

  • Accessorise to give your photos more flare etc.

  • Check grooming before going to the photoshoot

  • Make use of your surroundings/environment

  • Wear clothes that are fitted and comfortable

  • Most importantly, Be confident!

Main Don’ts

  • Wear clothing with loud or busy patterns (including large logos, striped, checkered etc.)

  • NO neon colours

  • Wear green clothing

  • Wear colours that clash with landscape or each other

  • Avoid uncomfortable clothing

  • Going overboard with the props and accessories

Outdoor Photography Singapore

It is normal to be worried about what to wear and bring, especially if this is your first time. The main objective for your outdoor photography is that so that you can have fun, just keep that in mind, building bonds with your loved ones and have those glowing moments immortalised! Your smiles already make the photos look ten times better so just come for the shoot with a positive and happy attitude. The most important advice is still to have fun during your Outdoor Photography!

If you are interested in knowing what to prepare for our studio photoshoots, head over to our Studio Photography blog and have a good read!

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This article is written by Sarafina and co-edited with Benny.

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