Everyone knows a great headshot can boost your career. But what are headshots, exactly? And why do you need them?

A corporate headshot is a type of photograph used for business purposes – like applications, websites, profiles, and more. A professional image will make you look polished and put together while also reflecting your individual or brand’s unique style and personality.

We get it – selfies are convenient. But an amateur selfie may have the reverse effect on your job search or getting client. It has been shown that hiring managers can identify fake job applicant selfies with 94% accuracy! Yikes!

With so many options, it can be tricky to know where to start when choosing the right place to get your portrait taken. Whether you’re searching for studio shoots or prefer to document your everyday work look with an editorial portrait session, we’ve got you covered on all things corporate headshots!

What to look for in a corporate headshot photographer

A photographer’s skills, expertise, and reputation are crucial elements to consider when sourcing a photo studio in Singapore. Here are some questions to help you evaluate potential candidates:

  • What’s their editorial style?
  • What are examples of their work?
  • What’s their experience with business headshots?

Why are corporate headshots important?

A corporate headshot is your visual business card and introduction to the world and makes a lasting impression. It helps you connect with people and build your personal brand, in addition to showing up as your most polished self at networking events.

By appearing your most polished self, you’ll feel more confident and capable as well. In fact, first impressions are made within just one-fifth of a second. Thus, it’s crucial that your image leaves a good one.

1. The importance of branding

Building a distinctive visual identity for a business, service, or product is the goal of branding. This applies to many other disciplines and industries, but business people, in particular, should take note.

In terms of corporate headshots, branding is all about conveying a company’s identity visually. The colours, styles, poses, and moods of photographs are all components of branding.

A strong branding strategy will give you an advantage over your competitors. When creating an aesthetic, you establish an instant connection with your brand and the viewer. This is especially critical if you want to develop your career in the digital world.

2. Resume-building potential

Resume-building potential

A photograph is worth a thousand words and can help you make a lasting impression on hiring managers or recruiters. Depending on your industry or role, some companies may even require a photograph as part of their application process.

A high-quality portrait can do more than just advertise your skills and abilities. It can also help you discover new opportunities. It’s known that a whopping 90% of hiring managers use social media for recruitment. If you’re not using your headshot to your advantage, there’s a good chance your resume won’t make the cut.

3. Networking potential

Who you know is just as important as what you know. Many companies host events and use social media to find potential candidates and partnership deals. Expand your professional network with ease with the right headshot.

With a professional portrait, you can extend an invitation to join the conversation by following companies and individuals in your industry. Join relevant Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups to start engaging in discussions, offering advice, and finding new ways to network.

Alternatively, you can look for conferences and events in your area related to your field or industry. If you have the chance to speak with a famous or notable person in your industry, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity. You never know who you might meet or what opportunities come from these meetings.

4. Employment application benefits

Employment application benefits

Similar to networking, your portrait can help you land a new job. A recent headshot can be a welcome boost if you’re actively seeking employment or even preparing to re-enter the job market.

You can use your headshot for job search websites and applications with a fresh new look and professional image. Your image is one of the first things an employer sees, so putting your best foot forward is important. A professional headshot can help you stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression.

5. Interview benefit

A good headshot will help you nail your next interview. Beyond helping you land the job, a professional portrait can help you feel more confident and prepared before meeting with your potential employer.

If you’re looking to advance your career, chances are you’ll need to apply for a few different jobs at once. Easy-to-share images representing your brand can help you feel prepared for each interview and offer a consistent experience for each hiring manager.


A great headshot can help you get noticed at work or when applying for a new job. It’s essential to choose a photographer who understands your industry, knows how to highlight your best features, and can help you present yourself in the best possible way. A professional headshot is an investment, so it’s crucial to find the right photographer who can help you look your best.

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