Outdoor Photography in Singapore: Redoxon Edition




Before we go into why outdoor photography in Singapore is in any way related to staying healthy, let us touch base on some health facts we have learned during this educational collaboration with Redoxon. We all know how important health impacts our lives and those around us.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor an expert in vitamins, however, I for sure know the importance of being healthy and understand what vitamin C does and here are my prespectives.

Our bodies cannot make vitamin C

Yes, that is right, our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C, the most famous vitamin in the category of all vitamins, the vitamin celebrity, C. We get it from our diet like fruits, I am sure most of you know that, but for the benefit of those who do not know(Like me), here is a good educational share. This antioxidant helps our body immune system to function normally and our body cannot store much vitamin C, so it’s good to have a boost.

Personally, I don’t have the luxury of hunting down a variety of different fruits for my diet on a daily basis, in this fast-paced society, I grab whatever I can, including fast food, therefore, to keep my parents and the loved ones around me less worry, before setting off to work and proceeding to embark on my daily fast-paced journey, I give myself some vitamin boost, yes you got that right, Redoxon, since it doesn’t taste like fish oil.

Outdoor Photography at Fort Canning Park

So what is it got to do with outdoor photography in Singapore?

Our work requires us to travel around, provide our Photography Services, all around Singapore, especially in venues like our signature weekend photography parks such as; MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Fort Canning Park, and Hort Park, we are in touch with nature and parks, our parks in Singapore are clean, I understand that, however, as our society evolves, our bodies are less accustomed to nature, and we need that extra vitamin boost to our immune system to shield us from natural bacteria, the result? Less visits to the doctor!