In the age of social media, the tradition of sharing cherished memories on favourite platforms has become a norm. However, the visual experience of these memories can vary across different social media platforms, often causing photos, particularly those from professional photo studios in Singapore, to appear less spectacular than intended.

The root of this issue does not lie with the social media platforms themselves but rather with an optimisation issue. Photographs captured with digital cameras are usually saved in larger file formats to maintain the utmost clarity and definition. Consequently, when these high-quality images are uploaded to social media, they may not showcase their full splendour due to optimisation constraints.

To ensure these images look their best online, a bit of optimisation is required. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process using free sites and programs, ensuring your photos retain their original shine on social media.

Compress your images with Compressor.IO

On many social media platforms, it can be difficult for images to render, especially large images that carry too high a resolution for quick browsing. This makes viewing your photo albums online a rather tedious process filled with many interruptions, as the platform needs to work on rendering images quickly enough to provide a seamless experience.

Compressor.IO is a free online software designed to optimise images quickly and efficiently. With just two easy steps, you can upload your images, and the site takes care of the conversion and compression.

Simply upload your images from your hard drive to Compressor.IO and download the compressed versions once the site finishes compressing your images. For those especially worried about image quality, there are customisation options that control the amount of image quality loss in the end product.

To upload your image:

Compress your images with Compressor.IO

To download your image:

download the compressed versions once the site finishes compressing your images

Resize images to better fit upload dimensions 

Several social media platforms, such as Instagram, only allow images in square dimensions to be uploaded. These restrictions can cause your pictures to be automatically cropped by the platform, often making the photos look less than stellar due to the platforms’ lack of customisation options.

You can remedy such issues by simply cropping the photos on your device before uploading. Things can get a little more complex for image files stored on personal computers.

For Mac users, open the image in the native image viewer, select “adjust size” under the “tools” tab, and crop the photos to your desired size and dimensions. About 1500px width would suffice.

Resize images to better fit upload dimensions

Windows users can use Photopea, a free online image editor that supports many image file formats. With options to either upload from your hard drive or choose an existing template, the possibilities are endless for optimising your images for social media viewing.

Windows users can use Photopea, a free online image editor that supports many image file formats.


Optimising images can be a breeze once you have the know-how! As with most social media platforms, well-optimised images attract much more attention, especially for the likes of business promotions and digital campaigns.

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