Outfits, makeup, and poses can all be settled and planned on the day before the shoot, but something many visitors to the photo studio often neglect is their hair. Although often easily remedied with hairspray or some wax, a bad hair day can truly affect the photoshoot, especially when it comes to formal photoshoots, such as corporate headshots or a graduation photoshoot in Singapore.

To ensure the best hair when studio day comes around, here are some tips to help those flowing locks stay pretty on camera and appear so in the resulting photographs!

1. Get a Haircut

Plan ahead and go for a haircut before your photoshoot! Stray baby hairs, split ends, and overgrown fringes often cause the appearance of frizzy, messy hair. Take some time to visit your hairdresser before studio day and consult with your hairstylist.

Be it a quick trim to remove split ends or a full cut, a haircut helps immensely in ensuring great hair on the day of your photoshoot. For those particularly concerned about their appearance, a quick trip to the hair salon for some up-styling can further spruce up your looks and image.

If you are worried about grey hairs or fading colours, you may need to plan even further ahead to get a root retouch done or to dye over the grey hairs emerging from your scalp. Photographs last a long time if cared for well, and with the prevalence of social media, ensuring your hair is in tip-top shape is all the more important!

2. Avoid Heat and Hair Dryers

If you struggle with dry and frizzy hair, it’s a good idea to steer clear of hot styling tools like straighteners and hair dryers. They can make your hair even drier. While using a curling iron or straightener might give your hair a temporary improvement, it often ends up looking drier and frizzier, especially in the hot and humid weather of Singapore.

For males who enjoy waxing and styling their hair, it is best to stay off hair dryers if in a rush. By directly waxing and gelling your hair, you stand to achieve a full-volume, healthy look that appears exceptionally well in corporate or formal shoots. For added effect, you can use a comb after waxing to achieve well-defined and uniform partings for a neater look.

3. Play with Arrangements and Poses

For those time-strapped but still wishing to look good, you may have to get creative with your poses and hair arrangements to look your best!

For example, a bun can and will hide frizzy hair as the drier parts of the hair are usually hidden underneath the main bun, and hair can be stretched into a tight bun to look sleeker and straighter. For those with especially dry hair, a few light sprays of water combed into your locks can bring about a healthy sheen.

The age-old trick of hiding your split ends behind your back also helps, along with some leave-in conditioner that can give your hair a more voluminous look. It can also help to consult with the resident photographer in any photo studio in Singapore for posing tips in photoshoots when it comes to presenting your hair in the best way possible.


In short, ensuring you don’t end up with a bad hair day in photos involves putting in the effort to prep your hair beforehand. Lighting can also complicate things, so it might be worth talking to a professional photographer for advice on getting your hair to look its best on camera.

At Firefly Photography, all these aspects are carefully considered at every stage of any photoshoot. This is due to the dedication, professionalism, and expertise of our staff. From formal family and corporate portraits to outdoor event coverage, we’ve accumulated over 11 years of experience capturing your best moments in photographs.

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