So you’ve been booked for a full-day photoshoot, be it for a company event or for yourself and your loved ones. First-timers to such shoots would be surprised to know that all the hours spent under those lights and posing can add up and become quite tiring!

With that said, there are some things you can bring to best prepare yourself for a full-day shoot. These items can drastically improve your experience in the studio and contribute to the quality of your photos.

1. Makeup Set

Be it an indoor or outdoor shoot, all that time posing under either studio lights or the sun can turn out to be a sweaty task. A makeup set can allow you to touch up and freshen up during breaks in the shooting, allowing you to look and stay fresh.

Essential makeup items would be setting powder and lipstick to avoid that greasy shine that can look unprofessional. If your compact does not have a mirror, you can also bring a small mirror around. This should be kept ready, especially for outdoor shoots where a restroom may not be easily accessible.

2. Water Bottle

Event photography can be an exhausting experience. Being in the sun, moving locations and performing poses can exhaust even the most experienced models. Some occurrences that can ruin your photoshoot experience would be sweaty, glistening skin or even a headache from dehydration!

Essential for outdoor shoots, a water bottle keeps you hydrated and can stave off the resulting discomfort from being outdoors in the tropical heat and humidity. For those especially vulnerable, an isotonic sports drink works too.

3. Comb or Brush

Whether you are going for a formal shoot or just want to stay looking your best, bringing a comb or hairbrush can improve things by helping ensure you present a consistent and neat look.

Bringing a comb or hairbrush to keep your hair well-behaved can and will improve the quality of the photos and allow for poses that require you to move or touch your hair. For men, pomade or hair wax may be another helpful addition to keep things fresh and sharp.

4. Chapstick

Dry air from studio air-conditioning, coupled with bright and hot lights, can cause your lips to become dry and chapped. You wouldn’t want to appear in your photos having scaly lips!

Chapstick helps to keep your lips moisturised and supple. For shoots requiring makeup to be done, moisturising lipstick can serve dual purposes in keeping your look consistent and your lips from drying out.

5. Change of Shoes

For shoots requiring heels or other generally less comfortable footwear, bringing along a pair of comfortable shoes can be a worthwhile investment. Standing in different stances and moving between locations for hours on end will have your feet sore and beaten up by the end of the shoot.

A comfortable pair of shoes to come and go in can make all the difference between a fuss-free day of shooting and going home with throbbing feet!


Long photoshoots that stretch out and potentially take up a whole day can be a fun and exciting experience if you come prepared. For those looking to take their photoshoot a step further and come even better prepared, a consultation with studio professionals can make all the difference.

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