Photographing people in a way that makes them look flattering without also making them appear unnatural or awkward is a challenge. But for business owners and other company leaders, being able to show off your brand in photos is an integral part of promoting it.

If you have a website, images are one of the first things potential customers see when they look you up. Therefore, it’s vital to get this right from the outset so that years from now, anyone who searches for you online will see photos of your company that make you look professional, trustworthy, and attractive.

Even though photography is primarily regarded as an art form, various visual design elements can be employed to generate more flattering and natural-looking images. If you’re interested in learning more about these principles and how they can be applied to corporate photography in Singapore, keep reading.

1. Use good lighting

The most critical component in generating a high-quality portrait is good lighting. While it’s impossible to completely control lighting conditions outdoors, you can make adjustments to make the most of the available lighting.

Depending on where you take the shots, you may bring some lighting equipment with you. Reflectors and other instruments can also bounce light off nearby surfaces and redirect it onto your subjects. If you’re taking shots outside, try to find a shaded spot with no direct sunlight on your subject. This is the worst lighting situation for a picture because it casts shadows on people’s faces, making them appear wrinkled, droopy, and older.

2. Have a clear vision and goals

Before taking images, plan ahead by clearly defining what you want them to look like. This includes deciding who you want to be in your photos, what props you want to utilise, and what kind of background you want to be present. Moreover, make an effort to include the appropriate people in your photographs. For example, if you’re photographing your team, you might want to involve a diverse range of genders, colours, and ages. Keep your aims in mind when taking photos. This will assist you in remaining consistent with your message and brand.

3. Use props and backdrops that fit your brand

Props are objects used in photographs to offer context and tell a story. For instance, you may use a stack of books in one of your photos to illustrate that your business specialises in publishing. You’re also not required to utilise the same props in every photograph. In fact, it’s preferable if you don’t. Instead, use different props in different shots to give each one a distinct appearance and feel. For instance, if you have a photo of one of your authors sitting at a desk with a stack of books in the backdrop, you may use the same books in the next shot but have someone else sit at the desk.

4. Don’t forget about background corrections

While having a clear vision for each photograph is vital, it’s also crucial to be flexible and willing to make modifications so that your photos are consistent with your brand. When editing your images, glance in the background to see if there’s anything that shouldn’t be there. If there are any, you can remove them with photo editing tools.

You may also consider deleting individuals from the backdrop of certain images. For example, if you’re photographing your team and one of your employees is standing in front of a busy city street, you may want to eliminate passers-by in the background so that it doesn’t detract from your team.


Photography is an art form in which stunning photographs can be captured. There are various visual design concepts that you may employ to create more beautiful pictures, whether you’re photographing landscapes or portraits of people. With these tips in mind, you can develop better-looking images to help promote your business and make your brand more appealing to potential clients.

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