Ever looked at the photo reels after visiting an instant photo booth, only to realise they all look too similar? As you are only given a limited time and just a few shots, it can be challenging to think of unique poses.

Making your photo booth experience a fruitful one depends a lot on having already planned a few poses to strike during those few short minutes in the booth. Be it on your own or in a group, here are some trendy and unique poses you can use for your next instant photo booth visit!

1. Finger Hearts

A popular gesture in South Korean media, this simple hand sign is a convenient go-to for adding some cuteness to your photos. Commonly seen being done by idols, actors, and streamers, finger hearts suit any occasion and outfit.

In a group, performing this pose together can also serve to show unity and shared love among you and your friends or family members. The perfect blend of modest, cute, and trendy, do consider doing finger hearts for your next instant photo booth visit!

2. Blowing a Kiss

A timeless and popular way of showing affection, blowing a kiss at the camera is a great way to pose both in groups and alone. For added emphasis, a forward lean can be incorporated into the pose as well.

Due to its association with love and affection, the resulting photos also make perfect gifts for your loved ones, especially if you have a significant other.

3. Hand Heart

Yet another timeless pose, using your fingers to form a heart is another cute way to spice up your photo booth visits. Bring along a friend or your significant other for a collaborative pose, where each of you forms one half of the hand heart and puts them together. This is a great way to signify the love you and the important people in your life share.

For a slimming effect, you could also open up your elbows when performing this pose, as well as tilt your head and body slightly sideways for the appearance of a longer, slimmer neck and torso.

4. Hold or Wear a Prop 

Add some personality to your photos by making use of the props provided! You can pay attention to the calendar to help you pick relevant props for some festive spirit. If the instant photo booth has props, they can also double up as a convenient lifesaver should you run out of poses to perform. Simply holding up or wearing a prop adds several layers of fun, cuteness and quirkiness to what would have been another boring shot.


With many events including instant photo booths today, knowing a few quick go-to poses can seriously elevate your enjoyment and provide you with some cherished memories in the form of great photos.

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