3 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy in Singapore




Your wife is the best life choice you will ever make and the most important one. While relationship milestones and vacations are important, there are far more simple and important things in life that will make your wife happy. Remember: Happy Wife Equates Happy Life. With 9 years of experience in the mummy industry, here are 3 things I hope it will help
you gentlemen!

Disclaimer: The following post is perspective based from speaking with hundreds of people over the past years, it does not place an assumption that everyone is the same or does it work for everyone, regardless, we believe this is harmless and helpful.

Agree with sincerity to go for that photo shoot or take that ” wefie “.

While it will be very beneficial for us to come to our photo shoot at our Singapore photo studio, there is no need to keep spending hundreds of dollars on taking professional family photo shoot on a consistent basis. Your wife probably already have that state of the art iPhone 7 Plus with a high-quality camera that she consistently uses it to take photos of your kids or her food. Remember gentlemen, it’s the little things that count, words from real wives that we spoke with, volunteer happily from your heart no matter how painful it is for your ego to take those ” wefie ” photos with your wife before your dinner or any activity.

They are visual people, photos are an emotional extension of themselves, like how your $500 speakers and $10000 Rolex are an extension of yourself, especially for the modern wife, why not embrace the technological advancement instead of resisting to adapting and in the Singaporean context, it enables them to share and ” Haolian ” to their friends. Which wife is not proud of their family, give them that confidence, happiness and it will do you a great favor!

” Of All The Home Remedies, A Good Wife Is The Best “

– Kin Hubbard

Scotch Brite Photo Shoot Singapore

Make Your Wife Feel Confident, Pretty and Special

Gentlemen, there are many ways to make your wife feel pretty, special and confident, like introducing words of compliments such as how her wristlet compliments her. However, as per some or most of us, we have limited knowledge of the beauty industry and do not know much about what words make her happy, or even worst saying the wrong things although you don’t mean it or meant well. This is the moment where you will need a professional that can achieve the context of pretty, special and confidence. To do that, you will require a professional makeup artist, there will be occasions such as attending a gala dinner, attending a friend’s wedding, going for a photo shoot, with her friends or even with you, a surprise to pamper her on such occasions goes a long way.

” Makeup Is A Very Personal Thing “

– Valda, Key Artist at Makeup Maestro

Credibility from a renowned Makeup Artist definitely means something, however, as clueless as most gentlemen out there, we do not understand what does that mean and never will because our genetics doesn’t allow us to. And as most smart and caring gentlemen out there, you have the goal to instil and enhance that confidence of your already confident and beautiful wife, the phrase is thus born; leave it to the professionals. Is your wife attending a gala dinner, giving a speech, attending a friend’s wedding or planning an anniversary date out with your wife, you know what to do, bro!

Mummy Photo Shoot Singapore

Having The Initiative To Get Resources and Make Your Wife’s Life Easier

One of the worst thing that can happen to you caring, handsome and hardworking gentlemen is to feel helpless, which not only harms your ego but also questions your ability to make your wife’s life slightly easier. If something could make her life at just 1% better, will you do it? Ever encountered a scenario after a long day at work, when you return to your beautiful $50,000 Scandinavian interior designed home, you saw your wife having a tough time maintaining the cleanliness of your home with a $10 mob that is on offer recently. If you have encountered that scenario or have that foresight, then something must be done.

” If Something Could Make Your Life Just 1% Better, Will You Take It, I will “

– Benny, CMO Firefly Photography

It may not be THE solution, however, it is A solution, because it achieves many things such as; initiative, contribution and as a gift. Just remember to mention that you will be using it too. So, what is it? As you have seen the beautiful photos taken uploaded all around this blog post and how happy the mummies are, those items are affordable, accessible and we use it in our studio too! You know what to do!

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Final Thoughts

Now, share this article if you think it would bring you value or someone close to you, whether you’re a woman or a man. On a personal context, with the number of mums, dads and friends around me, I always believed that a happy wife equates to a supportive wife and finally a happy life!