With every release, smartphones continuously offer bigger megapixel counts and stronger zoom distances, with flagship models from leading brands even incorporating AI sharpening features to account for blemishes such as motion blur. With such advancements and possibly more on the horizon, it is reasonable to assume that digital cameras are becoming obsolete.

However, what most consumers fail to account for is the fact that you can only cram so much camera function into a smartphone. Smartphones are designed for portability, lightness and multifunctionality, and there is only so much computing power and so many parts that can fit into a smartphone chassis. That said, let’s look at some aspects of photography in which digital cameras still reign supreme.

1. File Formats and Editing Ease 

Digital cameras, especially DSLRs, shoot in RAW image file types that capture every little detail with no file compressions. This enables easier and cleaner editing post-production, with very little loss in quality when transferring the file.

Most smartphones, on the other hand, save images in compressed formats such as “jpg” or “png” files. This is due to the storage space constraints that most smartphones have. As smartphones also must store various communication, entertainment and business applications, the storage space available to store much larger uncompressed images is limited, and as a result, smartphone cameras save photographs as compressed formats by default.

This can result in a significant loss of quality upon export and cause quite a few headaches when editing for professional purposes.

2. Image Quality

Although smartphones often tout “1080p” or “4K HD” functionality in their cameras, you should not consider that the whole truth! Similar to video game consoles, a lot of optimisation and engineering tricks go into “upscaling” native resolutions to appear high definition, and a side-by-side comparison of the same photo taken with a DSLR is sure to reveal some differences that no studio magic can fix.

Due to the specific purpose in mind when it comes to digital cameras, there is very little need for optimisation and upscaling. As a result, photographs appear as good as seen on a computer screen or in print.

3. Modularity and Sensor Size

When it comes to outdoor shoots and event photography in Singapore, many smartphone users find that their integrated camera falls flat in capturing the feel of being at such an event. This is due to the much smaller sensor size that smartphone cameras have. A much smaller sensor will experience difficulty depicting accurate light levels, especially outdoors. With a digital camera such as the DSLR, there is only a scant chance of encountering such issues.

As for shooting at a distance with clarity, digital cameras also offer the option to be fitted with countless special attachments such as lenses and hoods. Especially true for scenery and wildlife photography, smartphones simply cannot keep up with the performance a digital camera offers at distance shooting.

Digital cameras also offer various manual settings that an experienced hand can manipulate in order to achieve the best results. Due to processing limitations and the need to compress file sizes, a smartphone usually relies on rudimentary AI algorithms to balance out pictures, taking away the modularity that a digital camera offers and losing out on the benefits.


Although a smartphone can and will suffice for most uses, such as snapping quick meals and sharing vacation photos on social media, a digital camera still reigns supreme in studio and outdoor photography applications.

One must still consider the level of skill and expertise required to operate a digital camera to its fullest capacity. With different ISO and exposure settings, lenses and other attachments to consider, it can be confusing and difficult to juggle and produce good photos, which is why many choose to engage a photo studio in Singapore to handle the intricacies of camera photography.

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