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Glow Your Home

Looking to glow your home with your family photo? Immortalise your family photo with a natural textured, versatile gallery-grade poly-cotton Canvas Print in Singapore. Develop it into a Canvas Print with us.

Canvas Print Singapore

Canvas Photo Printing Singapore Price List

Canvas Prints Singapore

Ready to Glow your home after your session from one of our Photography packages? Look no further! Complete your photoshoot and your home with our gallery-grade polyester-cotton print stretched over a wooden backing frame. It is carefully crafted to be lightweight enough to mount onto your wall with a 3M Canvas Hanger.

Your printed image will look like fine art with a natural canvas texture. All canvases and wooden backing frames are carefully cut and professionally stretched, while moisture and fade-resistant professional-grade ink is used to print your photo.

Check out the different sizing and pricing below. Reach out to us via our ‘contact us’ page or click or tap on the ‘order now’ button to order your custom canvas prints in Singapore.

Photo Frame Singapore

There are a few ways to order. The easiest way is to use the ‘order now’ form by clicking the button above or reach out to us via our contact us page. Alternatively, drop us a call or visit our studio to see live samples. From there, you can simply order it at our studio. We are happy to assist you with any queries you may have!

  1. Make an order through the order form via the button above.
  2. You can see the prices for adding on to a framed canvas or going frameless at the original cost in the form.
  3. After submitting your photo via the form, we will respond with a confirmation message and an invoice for you to make payment.
  4. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks after confirmation of photo for our canvas production to reach you as putting together these fine art canvases is done manually and goes through a few stages of check.
  5. We will do a quality check and inform you that your canvas is ready.
  6. We will arrange a date and time with you for self-collection or have it delivered to you. Delivery fees will be covered by us.

We use professional delivery services such as Lalamove to courier your canvas.
For defects and exchanges, refer to the defects and exchanges toggle below.

Although it is printed with laminated ink to be resistant to moisture and fade, like all gallery art pieces, one should care for the fine art that is immortalising your glowing moments. Here are the key pointers to care for your canvas prints in Singapore.

  1. Do not splash water or scrub the canvas.
  2. Do not place it under direct sunlight.
  3. Do not stack other objects on the canvas.
  4. To clean, lightly brush it with a dry cloth or a duster.
  5. Keep it out of reach if you have children at home.
  6. Keep it away from any moist or damp area.

Although it is the iron proof way, we understand you might not want to drill your wall to hang the canvas prints. Alternatively, you can use 3M command strips or 3M canvas hangers. We only recommend using 3M products as they are highly durable.

Do not exceed the 3M weight limit for hanging. If you require our advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

In addition to the canvas price, the cost of adding on a solid wood framing ranges from $180 to $250.

To view our popular frames,

  1. Click or tap on the order now button. (Not to worry, the order is not confirmed until payment is processed.)
  2. Randomly pick any size canvas except the last option.

To view the full range of available frames, reach out to us via our ‘contact us’ page and proceed to click or tap on the ‘canvas photo printing’ subject. Depending on your choice, we will:

  1. Arrange a video call.
  2. Arrange a visit to our photo studio to view the live samples.

Canvas Material: Gallery-grade polyester-cotton – a material used by an artist to ensure the paint/ink is absorbed fully.

Wrapping: Gallery wrapped and stretched over a wooden backing frame to have a 3D effect. Have a look at some of the images above.

Wood: Real solid wood frame.

Ink: Full-colour professional-grade ink that is moisture and fade-resistant.

We only engage the best artisans to put together your fine art canvas prints in Singapore.

Nevertheless, our team will check for defects and colour mismatches. We will immediately inform you if we have spotted the mentioned flaws and submit them for reprint.

Our defect liability period is 1 week from the date you receive your canvas print. Any defects other than those inflicted by any of your circumstances will be liable for a one-to-one exchange during this period. Hence, we recommend you check your canvas once you receive it.

For multiple or customised orders, please reach out to us via our ‘contact us’ page via the top or bottom menu.

Yes, we will provide you with a bulk order discount!

Canvas Rates And Size Chart – Rectangular

Canvas Photo Singapore Size Chart

Rectangular Extra Small (RXS)

$260U.P $300
  • 11 By 16 Inch
  • 28 by 40 cm

Rectangular Small (RS)

$300U.P $350
  • 16 By 24 Inch
  • 40 by 60 cm

Rectangular Medium (RM)

$380U.P $440
  • 20 By 30 Inch
  • 51 by 76 cm

Rectangular Medium Large (RML)

$400U.P $460
  • 24 By 36 Inch
  • 60 by 90 cm

Rectangular Large Long (RLL)

$520U.P $600
  • 16 By 36 Inch
  • 40 by 90 cm

Canvas Rates And Size Chart Square

Square Small (SS)

$280U.P $320
  • 12 By 12 Inch
  • 30 by 30 cm

Square Medium (SM)

$350U.P $400
  • 24 By 24 Inch
  • 60 by 60 cm

Square Large (SL)

$400U.P $460
  • 36 By 36 Inch
  • 90 by 90 cm

Free Touch-up Service

To ensure your photos are optimised for canvas photo printing, our team of editors will provide a professional digital touch-up service that will ensure you and your loved ones look the best when the canvas photo prints are developed. Reflections on spectacles will be removed, and facial touch-ups such as blemish removal, frizzy hair, and backdrop clean-up will be provided.

Canvas Photo PrintsSingapore Canvas Photo Printing
Canvas Photo Before EditingCanvas Photo After Editing
Canvas Print Singapore Bedroom

Framed Canvas Print

With a high-end natural solid wood frame, complete with premium finishing that presents that tangible immortalised moment, you can enhance your gallery grade Canvas Print with a high-end natural solid wood frame.

Artisans manually put each canvas print and frame together, including the finishing on top. With these beautiful minor imperfections, each finished framed canvas is unique on its own.

View below for the options available. When you are ready to order, simply click on the ‘order now’ button above and the options available will appear in the order form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas photo printing is a high-quality print of your favourite photo but on canvas. This printing method often yields results with a much richer texture than traditional paper prints.

Unlike paper, canvas is a very porous material and is often used as a fabric for painting due to its ability to hold paint very well. With canvas printing, you can have large prints of your favourite photos to create a unique piece of wall art.

You can get canvas prints in Singapore with Firefly Photography. With our services, you have the option to choose from a variety of different sizes, frame options, and other features to create the perfect canvas print.

There are a few things to consider when determining the cost of custom canvas prints in Singapore. The biggest factor is the size of the canvas. The larger the canvas, the higher the price. The type of canvas also plays a role in the price.

Primarily, there are two types of canvas used in the printing process. There is synthetic canvas, and there is artist-grade canvas. The price of the canvas correlates with its quality.

You can get a canvas photo in Singapore by engaging a company that provides the service. At Firefly Photography, we offer the option to have your photos immortalised after your photoshoot session. Simply select the photo, size, frame, and canvas type before completing your order.

Yes! Canvas photo prints are often displayed in frames and can be purchased framed or un-framed. They are versatile and can be displayed in various ways, from traditional wall mount frames to creative ways like hanging canvas prints above your desk.

Canvas photo prints in Singapore are popular because they provide a unique look that any other photo print option cannot replicate. Furthermore, they are a great option to display your favourite vacation images or a special event.

Canvas Photo Prints Promotion Price

Enjoy the above Canvas Print promotional pricing consisting of free touch-ups pre-print development instead of the usual price with any one of our Glow photography packages.

Check out the packages via the button below. If you have already taken a photoshoot package with us and are ready to order, scroll to the ‘order now’ button above.