NDP 2021 Appreciation Function

A Big,
Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of Singapore’s 56th Birthday, without you, this will not materialise. On this page, you can retrieve your award photos from NDP 2021 Appreciation Function easily.

NDP 2021 Appreciation Function

How To Download

All the award photos taken are edited and optimised for you to develop up to 8 By 12 Inch photo print. The resolution is perfect and enough for digital usage. To download, simply hover or tap on your image and then the arrow down button.

The downloading function and sharing function is recommended to use on a laptop and or desktop for the best optimal experience and download the full resolution photo, do save this URL should you be using a mobile to view.

For mobile, it’s optimal for viewing only, due to bandwidth and file size, different mobile OS versions, we recommend to tap in to your photo, do a screen capture instead for mobile. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

This webpage is a private webpage with a unique URL and not featured in any menu items on the website, therefore, it is not a public domain, please do only download your own photos. Firefly Photography has been granted permission to do this to enable all awardees a rich experience to download their photos easily.

Business Partnership

If you are looking to do a campaign or a long term partnership to reward your customers or members with a complimentary family photoshoot, or even your corporate customers with a corporate headshot photoshoot, do reach out to us, we have a unique system that enables a seamless process for your customers to redeem the photoshoot.

Defence Minister's Address

27 August 2021 - Session 1

27 August 2021 - Session 2

8 September 2021 - Session 1