Kids Birthday Party Photographer
Birthday Photographer in Singapore

Every Glow of Joy

Every chuckle, every surprise, every glowing moment at a child’s birthday is a treasure waiting to be captured. As the premier Kids Birthday Party Photographer and Birthday Photographer in Singapore, Firefly Photography is dedicated to immortalising these radiant memories.

We don’t just capture photos; we ensure every special moment shines with an everlasting glow. Dive in and discover how we make celebrations glow for a lifetime, ensuring that every birthday, from the first to the hundredth, is remembered in its full splendour.

Kids Birthday Party Photographer

Kids Birthday Party Photographer

The first birthday is a milestone like no other – a culmination of a year filled with rapid growth, first experiences, and boundless love. It’s a day where every little giggle, every tentative step, and every gleaming candlelight deserves to be remembered. Engaging a Kids Birthday Party Photographer isn’t just about taking photos; it’s about ensuring that the fleeting moments of your child’s first major celebration are captured with authenticity and care. It’s about reliving the joy, the pride, and the overwhelming emotions of that day, even years down the line. Because while memories might fade, photographs remain, allowing you to revisit that special day, sharing the glow of those moments with your child as they grow older.

Birthday Photographer in Singapore
Baby Birthday Bash Singapore

Birthday Photographer in Singapore

Every birthday is a testament to life’s journey, from the tender moments of a baby’s 100th-day celebration to the joyous revelry of an 80th birthday bash. In Singapore, where traditions blend seamlessly with modern celebrations, each birthday holds its unique significance. Whether it’s the jubilation of a baby’s full month, the suspense of a gender reveal party, or the nostalgia of milestone birthdays, each event is a chapter in the story of life.

Engaging a Birthday Photographer in Singapore ensures that these chapters are not just lived but are also preserved in their true essence. Because while the laughter and joy of the day are ephemeral, photographs keep them alive, allowing generations to relive and cherish them. At Firefly Photography, we understand the gravity of these moments. We don’t just capture events; we immortalise memories. And if you’re curious about the dedication and preparation that goes into every shoot, click below to delve deeper into how we gear up for your special day.

Birthday Party Promotion Package

As the candles are lit and wishes are made, there’s magic in the air. But what if you could capture that magic with the expertise of a top-tier Birthday Photographer in Singapore? Dive into the next section to discover how our specially curated birthday photography packages are designed to do just that. From the first smile to the last slice of cake, we’ve got every moment covered. Ready to unwrap the details?

Glow368 Event Photography Package

Hunting for the ultimate Kids Birthday Party Photographer? Look no further! Whether it’s your little one’s epic first cake smash or grandpa’s legendary 80th dance move, our Birthday Photographer in Singapore is here to capture every giggle, wiggle, and sprinkle of magic.

Remember the time baby Jack smeared cake all over his face? Or when Grandma decided to photobomb every group photo? Those are the moments we live for! Especially for that monumental 1st birthday party, we’re all about capturing the chaos, the cuteness, and everything in between.

With a dash of Firefly glow and a sprinkle of fun, we promise: For the first hour, you’ll get an estimated 80 to 120 high-resolution memories. And for every hour after that? An additional 30 to 50 snapshots of pure joy. So, ready to turn those fleeting moments into forever memories?


$368U.P $488
  • 2 Hours Unlimited Shots
  • All Images Inclusive In High-Resolution
  • All Images Edited
  • Personalised Online Gallery
  • Download Via Gallery Within 4 Weeks
  • Optional Additional Hours at Discount

Is This Package Tailored for You? Let’s See… 🤔

Ever planned a heartwarming family birthday bash, or perhaps that baby’s full-month celebration that’s brimming with love and laughter? Maybe you’re gearing up for an intimate family gathering where every moment is precious. If you’re nodding along, this package is whispering your name!

But hey, it’s not just about family. Organizing a swanky corporate dinner and dance? Or perhaps a team-building event where everyone’s competitive side shines? From festive carnivals to those nail-biting award ceremonies, we’ve got your corporate vibes covered too.

Tying the knot soon? For those dreamy wedding moments, give us a nudge on our contact page. We’ll swoop in with our wedding portfolio and exclusive packages just for you.

Got a multi-day extravaganza? No worries! Reach out to us for a customised quote that suits your event’s unique rhythm.

And if your curiosity is still buzzing, explore more about our other types of event photography services on our dedicated page. Custom quotes? Yep, we’ve got that event photography page ready for you there!

Event Photo Editing: Keeping It Real, Radiant and Glowing.

At Firefly Photography, we believe in capturing the genuine essence of your special moments. Our editing approach for birthday events is all about enhancing the natural beauty of the photographs, ensuring they glow with authenticity. While we fine-tune elements like lighting, contrast, and saturation, we steer clear of heavy Photoshop edits like object removal. This is because we want to preserve the true atmosphere and emotions of the day, giving you memories that are both vivid and genuine.

Our Editing Includes:

  • Exposure adjustment
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Saturation tuning
  • Shadows correction
  • Highlights balancing
  • White balance setting
  • Sharpness improvement
  • Noise reduction

Trust us to deliver photos that not only immortalise the event’s highlights but also stay true to its heart and soul. Scroll down further and see how we deliver our photos beautifully and conveniently to you and your loved ones.

  1. Express Option to receive all your photos within 7 working days at $80.
  2. Additional Hour at $150 Per Hour. (U.P $180)
  3. To develop your favourite photo into a premium, ready-to-hang canvas photo print, select it from your gallery and use our easy-to-follow process.
  4. There will be a $50 one-time surcharge for public holidays.
  5. If you would like to add photobooth or event videography services, let us know in the booking form and we can provide you with a quote.

All top-up options can be decided again when making the booking via our digital calendar or contacting us at the latest 1 week before your photography session for option 2.

While options 1 can be decided again on the day of your event and option 3 after you receive your photos.

In the last section of the page, we have a list of our canvas printing options.

Booking is easy!

  1. Check out the pricing table and hit that “Book Now” button. Fill out the form to get started.
  2. Once you submit the form, an acknowledgement email will land in your inbox.
  3. Can’t find the email? No worries! Check your junk mail folder. If it’s still MIA after 24 hours, feel free to reach out to us directly.
  4. We’ll get in touch within 24 Hours excluding weekends to arrange and confirm your booking.
  5. A small deposit to secure your reservation and lock in the photographer.
  6. It’s showtime! Enjoy your awesome photoshoot session. Once it’s wrapped up, you can make the remaining payment.

Payment methods accepted include PayNow, PayLah!, iBanking, FavePay and Credit Cards.

Portfolio and Online Gallery

Feast Your Eyes on Our Party Highlights! 🎉📸

Before you dive in, let’s address that age-old party conundrum: Sharing those fabulous photos. We’ve all been there – the endless scrolling, the countless messaging apps, and the dreaded “Can you send me that one photo where I looked fabulous?”

Well, fret not! As your go-to Kids Birthday Party Photographer in town, we’ve crafted a solution as smooth as your baby’s birthday cake frosting. Our online gallery albums, a hallmark of the best Birthday Photographer in Singapore, are designed to make your life a breeze. With just one tap, you can share the entire album with your loved ones, no matter where they are. And guess what? It’s mobile-responsive, so Aunty Karen won’t be squinting at her phone trying to spot herself in the crowd.

So, whether it’s a kiddo’s first cake smash or grandpa’s 80th dance-off, our galleries ensure that sharing those memories is as easy as blowing out birthday candles. Dive in and relive those moments!

Photo Gallery Singapore

Add-On Photobooth Magic: Gift Your Guests Glowing Moments!

Want to be the talk of the town after your party? 🎉 Add a photo booth! As a top-tier Birthday Photographer in Singapore, we’ve seen firsthand the magic it brings. It’s not just a corner, but an interactive hub for guests! From superhero poses to grandma’s duck face, it’s where memories are made and laughter is shared. Think of it as your gift to them – a glowing keepsake of the fun they had.

Tight on space? No worries! Opt for our roving photographer with instant printing. Dive into our photobooth page for a glimpse, and imagine the joy it’ll bring to your guests!

Add-On Event Videography: Lights, Camera, Relive the Party Magic!

Ever thought about how a picture captures a moment, but a video captures the entire essence? Imagine watching your child’s first steps towards the birthday cake or grandma’s heartwarming speech in motion. With our event videography add-on, you’re not just getting a video; you’re preserving a dynamic memory. It’s the laughter, the dance moves, the surprise reactions, and those candid moments that photos might miss. Plus, for your guests, it’s a cinematic recap of the fun they had! So, while photos give you snapshots, videos let you dive back into the atmosphere of the day. Don’t just remember the party; relive it!

Our Philosophy: Immortalising Life’s Glowing Milestones

At Firefly Photography, we see birthdays and private events as the heartbeats of life’s journey. As your chosen Kids Birthday Party Photographer and Birthday Photographer in Singapore, we’re not just capturing moments; we’re immortalising emotions and milestones. Every laughter, tear, and embrace tells a story of love, growth, and togetherness. Let us help you hold onto these glowing memories, ensuring they remain vivid for generations to come.

A Kids Birthday Party Photographer specialises in capturing the candid and special moments during a child’s birthday celebration. From the joyous laughter to the blowing of candles, they ensure every precious memory is immortalised.

Hiring a Birthday Photographer in Singapore ensures that every significant moment of your celebration is captured professionally. With their expertise, you get high-quality photos that can be cherished for a lifetime.

The cost varies based on the photographer’s experience, duration of the event, and additional services. It’s best to reach out to specific photographers for a tailored quote.

Look for a photographer with a good portfolio, positive reviews, an understanding of local cultures, and the ability to capture candid moments and emotions.

Absolutely! A child’s 1st birthday is a significant milestone. A professional photographer ensures that these once-in-a-lifetime moments are captured beautifully for you to reminisce about in the future.

Ensure the venue is well-lit, discuss any specific shots or themes with the photographer beforehand, and inform guests about the photography session to ensure cooperation.

Many birthday photographers in Singapore offer both photography and videography services. It’s always good to check with them in advance if you require both.

It’s advisable to book a photographer at least a month in advance, especially if the birthday falls during peak seasons or weekends, to ensure availability.

Yes, most Birthday Photographers in Singapore offer basic photo editing services, enhancing the images’ lighting, contrast, and saturation to ensure they look their best.