Graduation Photoshoot Singapore
Convocation Photography Package

Premium Backdrop,
For Your Milestone.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You have achieved that step, now it’s time to immortalise that milestone with our Graduation Photoshoot package with Firefly Photography. Find out more and book directly below.

Graduation Photoshoot Singapore

Graduation Photoshoot Singapore

We at Firefly, hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. We hope we can be a part of this important milestone in your life by immortalising this journey for everlasting years to come. We have tailored a bespoke Convocation Photography Package that comes with a premium graduation bookshelf backdrop shipped directly from the USA.

Convocation Photography Package
Graduation Photoshoot Backdrop

Graduation Photoshoot Backdrop

A Graduation Photoshoot Singapore is not complete without the classic bookshelf backdrop. We paid a premium for the backdrop to be shipped directly from the USA as our research shows this is of the highest quality we can find. What it does mean for you is that this huge backdrop can cater to big family size, with no reflection, no crisp and blends perfectly well with your graduation gowns.

Convocation Photography Package

Ready to immortalize your academic achievements with a dash of flair? Dive into our Graduation Photoshoot Singapore experience! Our convocation studio photography sessions are tailored just for you. Check our digital calendar for availability, sent straight to your inbox once you book.

With our Glow420 package, anticipate 50 to 80 high-resolution snaps. For those wanting more, Glow880 delivers 100 to 150 shots. But here’s the twist: go beyond the classic graduation poses. Bring your loved ones, switch to a vibrant backdrop mid-session, and let your personality shine.

Our studio is stocked with fun plushies and sleek blazers for varied settings. And if you’re camera-shy, no worries! Our Convocation Photography Package ensures you’re guided every step of the way, making everyone look picture-perfect. Let’s make graduation unforgettable!


$420U.P $560
  • Up to 5 pax
  • 1 Hour Unlimited Shots
  • All Images Inclusive In High-Resolution
  • Best 50 Edited
  • Premium Graduation Backdrop
  • Default Graduation Gown
  • Personalised Online Gallery
  • Download Via Gallery Within 4 Weeks


$880U.P $1280
  • Up to 8 pax
  • 2 Hours Unlimited Shots
  • All Images Inclusive In High-Resolution
  • 60 Images Edited 🎓
  • Premium Graduation Backdrop
  • Default Graduation Gown
  • Personalised Online Gallery
  • Download Via Gallery Within 4 Weeks
  • 1 X 16 By 24 Inch Canvas Print
  • 1 X Makeup And Hairdo
Graduation milestone for individuals, friends and families of any size. For smaller households, you can also pick the Glow880 session to enjoy the full deliverables the package provides.

Firefly Convocation Photography Package is done at Firefly Photography Studio.

If you are looking for outdoor convocation photography, feel free to look at our Outdoor Packages at Family Photoshoot Singapore page!

Should you want to add additional pax hit the “Available Top-Up Options” toggle below.

Do note that the photos will be filtered such as repeated action shots, blinked shots or movement blur etc

We do not have the full set of official graduation gowns from the respective education institute.

We have, however, default-free size graduation gowns and mortarboards, including kid-size gowns.

If you are looking for a good fitting with your respective school gown, we advise you to purchase directly upon your graduation day, your educational institute might just have them ready for you to purchase on the day of your ceremony.

Why purchase? Because we have a trade-in incentive programme, in an effort to build our graduation gown range for your better experience, we will rebate your gown at the original price you paid for. Meaning you can trade in to reduce the price of the Convocation Photography Package, how awesome is that! Find out how below.

Tips on what to wear; Definitely your graduation gown and mortarboard. Bring along a solid coloured shirt, formal pants and a tie for guys, consider also bringing a blazer for your corporate headshot, yes we can do that for you too!

If you took up the Glow680 package, you can definitely prepare 2nd set of causal clothing for some casual and fun shots with your loved ones!

Tips on what to bring; Definitely your graduation certificate with the school folder! If you have a graduation bear, flowers, bring them along too. Else if you are looking for some fun, we have tons of props and plushies for you to use!

Do check out our detailed preparation blog tailored just for you on how to prepare for your studio photoshoot at 7 ways on how to dress for Studio Photography in Singapore.

  1. Additional Pax at $20 Per Pax.
  2. Express Option to receive all your photos within 7 working days at $80.
  3. 1 X Makeup + 1 X Hairstyling for 1 pax at $150. Additional $30 transportation if it’s at your address. For Tuas and Sentosa surroundings, the transportation charge is $60.
  4. Select your favourite photo and develop it into a premium ready-to-hang Canvas Photo Print.
  5. Glow880: Add on Framing, price ranges from $180 – $250, you can take a look at the frames on the day of your photoshoot.
  6. Glow880: Upsize your canvas print. Just top up the difference!

All top-up options can be decided again when making the booking via our digital calendar or contacting us at the latest 1 week before your photography session for options 1 and 3.

While options 2, 4, 5 and 6 can be decided again on the day of your photoshoot.

You can check out our canvas printing options at the last section of the page.

Booking is easy!

  1. Click or tap on the “Book Now” button on your desired package pricing table, complete form.
  2. Receive an email with a successful submission and a direct booking link.
  3. Check junk mail if did not receive an email within 24 hours. Reach out to us directly and we will assist you.
  4. Select your desired date, timing, book and receive a confirmation email.
  5. At this stage, we will reach out seek a small deposit.
  6. Go for your shoot and make the remaining payment after your photoshoot is done.

You can make payment via Paynow, Paylah, Grabpay, iBanking.

Portfolio and Introducing Our Exclusive Graduation Online Gallery!

Celebrate your academic achievements with our mobile-friendly, secure, and visually captivating online gallery. We understand the significance of your graduation or convocation, and we’re committed to making your photoshoot experience as memorable and hassle-free as possible. With our intuitive interface, graduates can seamlessly browse and select their standout moments for editing. Safeguarded in our secure gallery, you can effortlessly share these milestone memories with friends and family, letting them partake in the pride and joy of your academic journey. Dive into the elegance and convenience of our graduation gallery today!

Photo Gallery Singapore

Trade-In Your Graduation Gown

Thinking of renting a graduation gown just for that picture-perfect shot? Why not buy and strut in style instead? With our quirky trade-in program designed especially for your Graduation Photoshoot Singapore adventure, we’ll give you a rebate of up to $40 when you get your gown from your school or an official vendor. Just flash us the receipt when you come in, and we’ll handle the rest.

But, a tiny footnote: our program has its quirks too. We can’t accept gowns that have seen better days, are stained, or have a mysterious origin like those custom-made ones. Before you dash off to buy that gown, maybe give us a buzz? You can reach out via the ‘book now’ button, drop us a WhatsApp message, or saunter over to our contact page.

Graduation Photoshoot

Graduation Canvas Print Packages

Our Glow880 Package includes a frameless canvas photo print. After your photoshoot, as we go through your photos together, spot your favourite one and develop your photo into a fine art canvas print to immortalise this milestone and glow your home! Want to add on framing, purchase an additional canvas with a discount, or purchase a canvas on top of your Glow420 Package, not a problem! Visit our family photoshoot package via the button below, and scroll down to the canvas section to find out more.

Family Photoshoot Packages

Perhaps you may not need our premium graduation photoshoot backdrop or is looking for more of a family photoshoot rather than a Graduation Photoshoot, or wanted to do an outdoor graduation photoshoot and have your own gown, maybe somewhere more special like your home, check out our Glow Packages to find out more!

Corporate Photoshoot Package

Perhaps you may only require a couple of images with your graduation gown or even use our default gown, you might also not need our graduation backdrop. You just want to have an individual and professional photoshoot done for this special milestone. We have just the right package for you too. Check out our corporate headshot package via the button below to find out more, and if all good, book directly!

Our Graduation Photography Philosophy

Take pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Here at Firefly Photography, we are honoured to be a part of an important milestone in your life, to have the opportunity to capture this moment in your journey is a great achievement and privilege for us. We hope we can continue to immortalise your various milestone and successes in your life and we gratefully thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you have made your love ones proud.

Have a fun-filled graduation shoot in Singapore with Firefly Photography! Fire up the graduation cap, gather your family and friends, and let the photographer capture your glowing moments on camera. Our graduation packages have no limits to the creativity and fun you can have during your photo shoot with us!

Graduation is an important milestone in every student’s life, and the memories are something that you will always cherish. Therefore, there is nothing more valuable than capturing high-quality, professional photos of your special day. A graduation shoot in Singapore will serve as visual documentation of your journey. So, choose Firefly Photography to have a photographer who can best capture your individuality in each shot!

Graduation is a very special moment, so you want to look your very best. The ideal attire for a graduation studio photoshoot in Singapore is one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. It is also a good idea to plan your outfit ahead of time so that you have time to try different combinations and decide on the one that suits you best.

The best way to ensure you have a great graduation shoot in Singapore is to choose a photographer who shares your vision. We at Firefly Photography are understanding, adaptable, and focused on meeting your needs. Whether you want traditional portraits or a mix of candids, we can help you create the perfect backdrop by exploring different settings and poses.

The cost of graduation photoshoots in a studio varies depending on the photographer and the package you choose. With Firefly Photography’s Glow320 package, you can get up to an hour of unlimited photos with up to 5 people for as little as $320!