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Firefly is passionate about adding value, with Business Partnerships in Singapore through our optimised, organised, appointment booking and redemption system made for Member Rewards Singapore programmes.

Business Partnerships Singapore

Our Partnership Process

We have been doing partnership programmes ever since Firefly Photography was born. Over the past years, we have refined our system to near perfection and will continue to further refine our systems. The Member Rewards Singapore programme is built on professional UX design by closely studying the customer’s user journey. From redemption through receiving the final product, your customer will enjoy bonding with loved ones and immortalise those moments through our seamless system. Check our our simple process to create great value adding partnerships!

Member Rewards Singapore

Step 1

We tailor a signature package perfect for your customers to enjoy building bonds, glowing moments with their loved ones.

Step 2

Determine which way you want to reward your members, birthday treats, year-long member, sign-up rewards.

Step 3

Determine how you want to distribute to your members, physical vouchers, e-vouchers, email or other means.

Step 4

Confirmation of all fine details and contract signing, we can produce a vetted contract or we can sign yours.

Our Partner Brands

Firefly Photography is fortunate to have the privilege to partner with great brands in Singapore. All of whom we had year-long partnerships with, long term and even today we are still collaborating with. Through our focused relationship building, we have also successfully connected some of our partners together, forming their own collaboration. We strongly believe in creating great value for others, we appreciate the faith and confidence every individual and entity have in us and will continue to do our very best!

Member Rewards Singapore

Our partnership programme specialises in member rewards, if you have a member base and wish to reward your members, then you are at the right place. We reward members with the gift of love, a family photoshoot that empowers families to spend time together as an activity, away from digital devices, where smiles and touch thrive among loved ones. If you share that belief, partner with us! Below are popular ways on how we partner with brands.

Member Birthday Treat

Member Birthday Treat is our strongest standing Business Partnerships Singapore programme since the birth of Firefly Photography. It’s also our proudest value providing partnership. Many of our esteemed partner brands have been collaborating with us on the member birthday treat programme for many years and many more to come. Reach out to us and find out more on how we can value add to your existing valued customers and or members.

Member Perks

Member perks are year-long benefits where your customers can enjoy anytime. Such as member discounts on our signature glow packages, many of our esteemed partner brands reward their members with our offers for member perks. Take a look at our Glow Family Photoshoot Packages iva the button below!

Goodie Bag Voucher Inserts

Another one of our popular collaborations is goodie bags voucher inserts. We develop and print our signature collaboration package for your goodie bags, sign-up gift boxes and more. There have been many goodie bag inserts over the past years, prenatal course goodie bags, postnatal hospital bags, prenatal signup gift boxes, teachers day educators gift bags and many more!

Event Collaboration

We have collaborated with parenting fairs, exhibitions, travel fairs and many more through our Photobooth And Instant Print Services. Also, lucky draws, giveaways and many more with an organised and structured system for exciting events such as the Young Parents Fiesta for many years. Reach out to us and find out how we can value add to your event.

Our Partnership Highlights

Here are some of our business partnership highlights, you can view them as actual case studies on how we collaborate and provide value to the customers and members of these great brands that we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with.

M1 Limited Singapore

M1 Member Birthday Treat

M1 has numerous great awards for their members via the M1 App. One of the ways M1 rewards the members is a birthday treat and yes, we are one of their merchants offering our signature outdoor family photoshoot.

AIA SIngapore

AIA Member Birthday Treat And Member Perks

Our collaboration with AIA started many years ago, now we have our signature family photoshoot birthday treat as well as many discount perks. As long you are an AIA customer, access your My AIA App and view all our and other great merchant perks.

Popular Bookstore Singapore Logo

Popular Member Birthday Treat And Member Perks

Our favourite Popular Bookstore,  one of the earliest that adopted the birthday treat family photoshoot, without their support, we won’t have what we have today, our partnership with them has grown from Birthday Treat to many great perks as well.

Cordlife Singapore

Cordlife Circle Member Birthday Treat And Member Perks

Cordlife is one of our earliest corporate partnerships, not only birthday treats and member perks, we have also collaborated with them on yearly campaigns. They have also many great family merchants in their Cordlife Circle programme.

Friso Singapore

Friso Campaigns

We have the great opportunity to partner with Friso for many years on their campaigns such as Frisomum, Friso X Lazada, Friso Online Store Launch, Friso Fair and many more campaigns to come!

NDP 2021

Singapore National Day Campaign

We have been partnering with NDP since 2014, the partnership has grown stronger ever since. From internal events to NDP award ceremonies to NDP voucher booklet and now e-booklet, we are proud to be able to provide value to our nation.

Can’t Find What You Need?

We understand photography is a very broad service and your campaign may require a mix of services, vouchers or other requirements. We are here to help, let us know what you need, you can always reach out to us using the partnership and collaboration form or via our contact us page.

Partnership And Collaboration Form

We believe in long term beneficial partnerships and collaborations, this can only be done through commitment, and we are committed to providing value to you and your customers. Our system is designed through years of UX implementation and research, thus, will be easily integrated into your current reward systems, do reach out to us and we are confident we can work out a great partnership with you.