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May 2021

7 Ways to Prepare for Maternity Photography In Singapore

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7 Ways to Prepare for Maternity Photography In Singapore

Congratulations on your little one! As you prepare for your baby to enter this world and join your family, you probably must have a million things on your mind. Having a professional maternity photography session might seem like just another thing on your list, but a maternity photoshoot can be a great reminder of how strong and beautiful you can be during your pregnancy, to immortalise one of the most memorable journey of your life.

If […]

April 2021

7 Simple Ways To Prepare For Studio Photography In Singapore

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7 Simple Ways To Prepare For Studio Photography In Singapore

Don’t know how to get ready beforehand for Studio Photography in Singapore with your friends and family? There are times when going for a studio photography photoshoot will feel very overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Nevertheless, if you do come prepared, the end product will definitely be worth it. You can look back at these images and reminisce the memories with your loved ones.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you with all the inquiries you might have for us in advance. Hope you enjoy reading!


March 2021

6 Ways On How To Dress For Outdoor Photography In Singapore

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6 Ways On How To Dress For Outdoor Photography In Singapore

You have decided to have an outdoor photography session with your family, friends, or your significant other! But are you having trouble deciding on what to wear out for your outdoor photoshoot? Do not worry, most of us have no idea what to prepare if we are going to have outdoor photography session taken too especially if it’s our first time. Fortunately, we have gathered enough information to help you look good and feel good. This […]

January 2021

Chinese New Year Family Photoshoot Singapore

By |January 31st, 2021|Categories: Photo Studio Singapore Blog|

Chinese New Year Family Photoshoot 2021 with UNLIMITED shots

Immortalise your family gathering moments this CNY on 12th, 13th and 15th February with a fun and casual family photoshoot. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY!
Your favourite shot will be developed into gallery grade canvas print with FREE delivery. Also comes with FREE Crystal Jade CNY Treat!

It is the time of the year once again when families gather, bond and shares glowing moments. Many travels back from overseas to catch up, share the past, present and future. There is nothing as important as family. This […]

June 2020

March 2018

Outdoor Photography in Singapore: Redoxon Edition

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Outdoor Photography in Singapore: Redoxon Edition




Before we go into why outdoor photography in Singapore is in any way related to staying healthy, let us touch base on some health facts we have learned during this educational collaboration with Redoxon. We all know how important health impacts our lives and those around us.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor an expert in vitamins, however, I for sure know the importance of being healthy and understand what vitamin C does and here are my prespectives.

Our bodies cannot make vitamin C


June 2017

3 ways to make your wife happy in Singapore

By |June 11th, 2017|Categories: Photo Studio Singapore Blog|

3 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy in Singapore




Your wife is the best life choice you will ever make and the most important one. While relationship milestones and vacations are important, there are far more simple and important things in life that will make your wife happy. Remember: Happy Wife Equates Happy Life. With 9 years of experience in the mummy industry, here are 3 things I hope it will help
you gentlemen!

Disclaimer: The following post is perspective based from speaking with hundreds […]

February 2015

Fox Fashion Singapore Photography Contest

By |February 4th, 2015|Categories: Photo Studio Singapore Blog|

Our Photo Studio recently had the pleasure to partner with the children fashion giant Fox Fashion Singapore and provided our Photo Booth and Instant Print services at their private blogger’s event at their City Square Outlet. It was really great to see so many awesome mummy bloggers with their beautiful families! Hurry now to Fox Fashion Singapore Facebook page to win awesome outfits by participating in a simple Facebook contest. Here at Firefly Photography Singapore, we too want to share the best deals from our valued […]

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