Firefly Photography Singapore

Our Story, Our Culture
Our Aspirations, Our Glow.

Firefly Photography Singapore is a multidisciplinary team providing Photography and Videography Services. We empower creatives to help families, individuals and businesses immortalise and materialise media assets that communicate stories, love, bonds and glowing moments.

Firefly Photography Singapore
Firefly Photography

Our Vision

A studio in every city, creative leaders in every studio, forging stronger bonds amongst every family.

Our Mission

We are customer-centric, we deliver exceptional creative service experience to customers and our teammates with empathy and efficiency.

Photography Singapore

Our Core Values

When Firefly Photography was founded, the founder wanted to build a company that was service experience focused, innovative and prosperous. He also wanted to create a workplace based on honesty, trust, and a belief in treating others as we would like to be treated. An environment where we give thanks and strive to push ourselves to learn and grow. While it sounds so simple, it is extremely rare in these fast-paced times. Firefly lives and breath with its core values at heart with the abbreviation GLOW.

Gratitude and Service

We are grateful for our family, friends, colleagues, ourselves and customers, we smile and serve them and ourselves with an above the line exceptional experience.

Learning and People Development

We develop people for continuous improvement on above the line attitude, skills, systems, processes, and customer service to be successful in our personal and professional careers.

Optimism and Growth

We commit to positivity, providing a great customer experience with self-motivated team members and helping each other achieve our goals with the best results.

Wholeheartedness and Integrity

We do everything and the right thing with absolute sincerity and promote empowerment, responsibility and accountability with an entrepreneurial mindset to succeed.

Empowering Family Bonds

Firefly Photography is born out of the need to foster human connection in the digital age where mobile technology thrives. A photography session with Firefly is more than just capturing beautiful moments, it’s an experience where mobile devices are willingly left aside, where families and loved ones share activity moments together, smiles and touch thrive and we immortalise these everlasting glowing moments in the process. These materialised moments then become a reminder of the importance of bonding, thus Family Photography came to focus, with the tagline – Building Bonds, Glowing Moments.

2012 to 2013

Firefly Photography was founded and incorporated in 2012 by Benny and then partner. The first business partnership was formed with a deal tech company and an outdoor family photoshoot system was created to cater to the volume of service. This was when photography services were considered a luxury service experienced by few and this partnership was the market disrupter.

2013 to 2014

Due to the publicity from the deals, came a stream of enquires for private events photography such as birthday parties and studio photography services, renting studio from different addresses was no longer a viable option, thus in 2013, Firefly rented an office space in Yishun and converted to a fully functional studio and office as well as hired the first full time studio photographer.

2014 to 2015

Other photography studios sought the same deal from the same deal company and revenue dipped. Firefly had to pivot. We started to tender for Government projects and scored Chingay 2014 and 2015. Two major partnership was also formed, with Nestle and National Day Parade 2014. Firefly still partners with National Day Parade till today. Strong partnerships and event photography became Firefly’s major portfolio.

2015 to 2016

Firefly attracted multiple event companies to partner with and have covered many high profile events ever since. With companies seeking a one-stop service to provide videography and instant print services, in the mid of 2015, with the help of an industry partner who operates a video production house, Firefly extended its services to videography and instant print services.

2016 to 2017

As the brand grew, better customer experience and more manpower are required. Firefly moved to a bigger studio, built a stand-alone cyclorama wall, then, a first of such built to cater to family photography. The team grew to 7 man-strong and started to form more business partnerships such as Popular Holdings, Singtel and WTS Travel. This was also a time where then co-founder sold his shares to Benny and left the company for personal commitments.

2018 to 2019

Firefly continues hiring, a talented account manager joined and secured Firefly’s largest photography production with Wildlife Reserves Singapore, many more followed such as Singapore Flyer and ComfortDelGro. Find out more about these projects at Corporate Photography Singapore page. Partnerships were also formed with schools and agencies where creative talent is hired directly.

2020 to 2021

COVID-19 struck the globe and the circuit breaker was implemented, we had to close for a period of time and is badly affected, however, Firefly managed to retain all staff and pivoted to live-streaming, interactive video and 360 virtual tour services. Reflected on the past years, Firefly will continue to serve, improve and provide even better customer service, experience and offer innovative services to our clients and partners.

2021 to 2022

Singapore has successfully achieved “living with COVID-19”, during the process of measures during the 1st 3 quarters of 2022, Firefly invested in training and development, as well as preparing for the final quarter in late August when the measures were lifted, an influx of projects returned. Firefly has also forged new relationships such as with Singapore Pools and Singapore Power, with the dawn of 2023, Firefly will venture into new services such as 360 Video Booth to better serve our friends, clients, and partners and offer unique experiences.

2022 to 2023

In the embrace of 2022-2023’s newfound vibrancy, Firefly Photography flourished, with our gratitude embedded in every cherished milestone. We introduced seasonal backdrops, celebrated with families, and innovated with our 360 Video Booth at the NDP 2024 Launch Event. Our team grew, now featuring dedicated editors, while our partnerships with esteemed institutions like The School of Science and Technology, Singapore, and the National University of Singapore, thrived. Surpassing 2000 Google reviews, we’re honored by the trust placed in us, inspiring continued excellence in our craft.

Meet The Team.

Firefly Photography strives to create a culture that empowers a humble, creative, and independent workforce. We are passionate about our families, individuals, business customers and believe that collaboration and creativity are powerful tools to help them immortalise and communicate their messages, love, bonds and glowing moments.

We believe that what makes us different makes us stronger. Building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organisation is good for our teams and our customers. We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work, and we continually seek new ways to do so.

Firefly Christmas Photoshoot 2021
Benny Chow

Chief Marketing Officer

Benny leads user experience, branding, marketing and web design for Firefly Photography. He also enjoys creating great relationship and partnership with schools, brands, NPOs, Government and more.


Account Manager

Jaron leads account management and is a key role in company management. With vast experience in managing key accounts in the creative industry, he doesn’t only create sales, but friendships.

Maurice Chai

Project Leader

Maurice leads the videography team and is Firefly’s key project manager. He is a key role in company management and leads the team to deliver projects to Government and Corporate customers.

Daniel Tan

Senior Photographer and Manager

Daniel ensures the day-to-day operations and that the studio is operating efficiently. He is also a trained photographer, and an in-house trainer and assists Benny in various crucial tasks and projects.


Videographer And Editor

Suh is a meticulous videographer and video editor. He is a highly efficient video editor who is versatile in both linear video editing and animation. Suh also develops storyboards and ideas.

Irfan Firefly Photography

Videographer And Photographer

Irfan is both a videographer and photographer with exceptional people skills. He is a very humorous individual and is a delight to work with him, he also assists Maurice with project management.


Choon Hun
Senior Photographer

Choon Hun is a photographer with decades of experience. He specialises in event, school, corporate and family photography. He works closely with Jaron when it comes to photography projects.


Studio Photographer

Rucha is Firefly’s studio photographer. She has a decade of experience in maternity and families, bringing the experience from her background to deliver great studio photography work.


Daryl Tay
Assistant Studio Manager

The operational backbone of our studio. He seamlessly manages our day-to-day operations and human resources. His savvy approach keeps our team aligned and our studio thriving.

Farah Firefly Photography

Photographer and Operations

Farah has years of working experience, with her passion and desire for more knowledge in the creative industry, she has chosen to start from scratch as a junior executive, sharing her talents.


Video Editor

Timothy is a skilled video editor who works closely with the Video Team. He is very receptive and also well-versed in motion graphics, he currently supports the team remotely from Indonesia.


Photo Editor

Renatha, hailing from Indonesia, is a proficient photo editor at Firefly Photography. Her expertise in photo enhancement and design significantly elevates our visual projects.

Kelvin Ng Firefly Photography

Kelvin Ng
Videographer and Assistant

Kelvin our assistant videographer, brings fresh perspectives and a proactive spirit straight from Ngee Ann Poly. His adeptness enhances our creative arsenal, making him a valued asset to our team.

Sheryn Firefly Photography

Motion Graphics Designer

Sheryn, a talented motion graphic designer at Firefly Photography, excels in motion graphics, photo editing and managing photo booths, enhancing our team’s versatility.

Waiting For You
The Next Talent

Firefly is always looking out for great talents that share our core values and what we believe in. If you think that sounds like you, and is interested to work with us, reach out to us and make a difference!

Our Amazing Interns: The Unsung Heroes

At Firefly Photography, our past interns and colleagues have been invaluable contributors to our success. These emerging talents have enriched our team with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, working across various domains from photography to customer relations. Our internship program aims to be a mutually enriching experience, offering hands-on exposure and mentorship. We’re incredibly proud of our alumni interns, who continue to excel in the creative industry and will always be a cherished part of the Firefly family.

Phyllis Firefly Photography

Motion Graphics Designer

Other than motion graphics, Phyllis assists with many other tasks such as photo editing, video editing and even design. She has an impressive MG reel and is a joy to work with.


Designer and Photo Assistant

Breena is our newest addition to the team, she supports our design and photo editing, and also helps out at photo booths, contrary to her photo, she actually smiles and is very polite to others.

Johann Firefly Photography

Videographer and Assistant

Johann is a polite and rather shy addition to our team, despite that, he has a strong desire for growth and learning, and he supports the video team in both filming and post-production.

Jayson Fong Firefly Photography


Jayson assists with many of our photography aspects, he works closely with Rucha and Daniel for photography assignments as well as photo editing. He is a fast learner and has a deep passion for the craft.


Assistant Studio Manager

Shann works closely with Rucha and handles the day-to-day operations to run smoothly, she is quick-witted and a natural solutions provider, and she ensures all deliverables are delivered.

Jayson Fong Firefly Photography

Tu Yang
Motion Graphics Designer

From the renowned school of media and design, Tu Yang lends us his knowledge and talent of motion graphics and design, assisting us also in the photo editing aspect.

The Firefly Photography Philosophy

We are immensely proud of our team, without our impeccable team, we will not be able to provide and service our customers with high standards of service and delivery. Firefly Photography was born out of the need to immortalise and fostering human connections in the digital age and our mission remains the same. Only now, we want to do more, make a difference to society by creating jobs and empowering these roles to make a positive impact to our brand, our customers and the society.

Brands That Trust Our Photo Studio

Firefly Photography appreciates the faith and confidence of every individual and entity that has extended to us and is doing our very best. Here are some of our esteemed partners and clients that have been with our Photo Studio for many years and more to come. View more on our partnerships via the button below.